Dreaded Droop

I opened the freezer at work the other day and saw this — only in Minnesota.


I finished one (and one half) Welsh Travelling Sock from Shear Spirit.


I’m using Malabrigo Sock in a gorgeous red (Tiziano) that I am unable to capture. I started looking at the manual for my camera (Fuji E550. )  I bought it several years ago, and keep meaning to figure out the non-point and shoot features.  It has a macro feature, which really shows the nonblocked beauty of the stitch, and a slightly closer version of the color:


This is a fun stitch. I made a heavy sweater/jacket with it about 15 years ago. I thought the nature of the pattern, with the combination of slipping and stockinette, would stabilize the garter and keep the garment from stretching. I put in a zipper and lined it for more stretch prevention. The yarn I used was a soft, silvery, unspun Icelandic from Schoolhouse Press. One of the first days I wore it, a beautifully dressed woman stopped me and told me it was “Drop Dead Gorgeous.”   Of course, I couldn’t resist telling her I had designed and made it myself.   My smug preening did not last long, however.  A more accurate phrase might have been “Droop Dead Gorgeous.” Within about a month it was down to my knees everywhere but the zipper, and the lining was all pooched up. I removed the zipper and the lining and tried to felt it. That was a joke. I ended up throwing into the goodwill bin. I hope someone looking for a thrifting opportunity found it and made something fun.

In retrospect, with a few more years of yarn knowledge under my belt, I think a tightly plied yarn might have stood up. Well, a yarn with any plies would have been an improvement. I had seen a coat Meg Swansen made with the same yarn, without making the connection that hers was snugly stranded colorwork at a fairly tight gauge.  I haven’t given up my aspiration to make a knitted coat.  In fact,  I have looked longingly at the back belted jacket (Ravelry link)  by Bonne Marie Burns in the new Mason Dixon Knitting, but am still a bit gun shy. If anyone has made this, I’d love to hear how it holds up. (Not down.)



9 responses to “Dreaded Droop

  1. Wait, is that the same color you sent me?! Oh dear. It’s going to be a challenge to shoot, I can tell.

    Are those goose and beer snack sticks?! *blink blink*

    I’m afraid of knitted coats for that reason…

  2. I do like my knitted coat a lot and wear it regularly. It’s nicely plied yarn (Harrisville Highland) and it’s quite grabby, which I think is helping it hold it’s shape relatively well. Washing freshens it up – after a few wearings it gets droopy at the backside.

  3. I actually like that sock pattern better in the more solid color you’ve chosen. Adding it to the (ever-growing) list!

  4. it is probably the nature of knitted coats. and one’s bum will also show. it is tempting but a bit of a waste of time. the stitch is very pretty. i have not forgotten you, i just have to go to my lys in the coming weekend maybe thursday.

  5. LOL at the thought of you drooping by the minute as you walked away from your admirer! Really love the sock in that yarn. Must try it for myself.

  6. I forgot to say that when I photographed that coat for their book, it seemed to hold up very well- the stitch/fabric is dense and the seaming helps. You should ask at the Mason Dixon Rav group.

  7. Oh, I so wish I could wear a knitted coat! I think you should knit and wear one so that all of us in warmer climes can live vicariously through you (easy for me to say, right?) 🙂

  8. While I am really sorry that your sweater wound up in the Goodwill bag, your story makes me feel better. At least I’m not the only one wh0’s done something like that.

  9. That’s not the worst thing that could show up in a Minnesota freezer!

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