Knitting Can Save Your Life

Especially if, like me, you have your clumsy moments.

How can you not want to read an article that opens with the immortal line:

The knitting needle pierced her heart. Then it saved her life.

Photos: Tim Archibald for Newsweek (left); Courtesy of Stanford Hospital Clinic

Maybe everyone else has seen this story, but if not, go read Newsweek and start thinking lucky.



6 responses to “Knitting Can Save Your Life

  1. Wow. I hadn’t heard anything about that!!

  2. wowowow! What an interesting story and quite freaky. I love where it says something like” its unlikely you’ll ever pierce yourself with a knitting needle”…I was thinking this SO could happen to me, I’m always running up and down stairs with a huge pile of stuff including loose needles. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Gah! There’s a long thread on Ravelry about it )I just looked now) with people chiming in about other accidents with knitting needles. Too horrible, I had to stop reading it, but it’s good to be reminded to be careful, even about leaving needles on the couch where people might sit on them…

  4. Wow. I never really thought that you could really injure yourself with a knitting needle…unless you sling a circular into your eye that is (don’t ask). I didn’t really think they’d be strong enough to go through skin and bone. Talk about lucky.

  5. What a story! And the stuff about survivors was really interesting (I took the quiz, I admit it; apparently I’m a realist). I was intrigued by the comment that it’s unlikely that the reader will ever get stabbed by a knitting needle — don’t they know how many of us there are?

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