A Good Day to Dry

It was a beautiful weekend, Chris and her mates were drying newly dyed yarn.  I was drying newly washed (and oldly knitted) garments.  I like being able to do this out-of-doors, they seem really fresh that way when I fold them up and put them in the cedar chest.  Of course, I do remove those silver maple helicopters.

drying 001drying 002

Red Tailed Hawk update –  I’ve seen the fledglings often now.  (I wish I had pictures.)  They pop their heads up over the edge of the nest, looking around.  Their beaks are tiny buttons on their faces.  They look for all the world like a doofy happy baby who has managed to pull himself up on the side of the crib, and stands there grinning and drooling.  The other day I saw one balancing on the edge of the nest, waving its wings around.  No, no, get back in the nest.  What would we do with a baby red tail in the yard-  how could we help it?  My nephew’s answer — ” Uncle Guy could shoot a squirrel and you could feed the baby with it.   They eat carrion.”  A pause, then acknowledging that this might not take place.  “Or, you could just trap some mice.”

Yeah.  I’ll be calling the Minnesota Raptor Center, rest assured.



5 responses to “A Good Day to Dry

  1. Here’s hoping the babies stay in the nest!

    I guess a drought is good for drying handknits and wet yarn, if nothing else, eh?

  2. I love drying things out-of-doors, and in the summer, I find that clothes dry on my line faster than in my dryer!

  3. Great idea. I did the hats, mittens and scarves this very way last Sunday. It was a great drying day around here, with towels drying on the line in about 2 hrs.

    Good luck with the baby hawks. We had a fledgling in the backyard last week and watched it for quite some time for it to work it’s way over the fence.

  4. Gotta love your nephew. What a plan.

  5. I first read that as “oddly knitted” and they don’t look odd to me at all! Nothing like clean knits put away for the season, I need to do that too.

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