Only to discover there is nothing retrograde — it’s just me.

If I were a twitterer, here’s what my morning tweets would have looked like—I discovered lots of things:

6:45 am Pick up last night’s knitting work only to discover that that the two pieces that are supposed to be the same width are no where near the same. Rip out.

7:15, Having already gotten dressed to go to early meeting where I am expected to look professional, ready to leave the house, only to discover that the top I recently hand washed was still a bit ‘fragrant’ in one underarm. No time to change, which would require ironing. Get Febreeze out and squirt on underarm of blouse.

fr_winds_spring_lgHey, it really works. Maybe it will work on clothes right from the hamper, too.  It says “With hints of white floral, green freshness, and rich amber” Certainly better than what I was smelling.

7:25 Spill tea on pants getting into car with cup of tea. At least they are dark tan/taupe and the tea won’t stain.

7:30 Road closure on most direct route to highway.

8:00 Arrive at meeting only to discover that I had forgotten to RSVP.

8:05 Spill half my decaf coffee on the floor, a linoleum floor, anyway.

8:06 –Go to rest room to get paper towels to wipe up coffee, only to discover when I looked in the mirror that I was wearing two different earrings. Should I take one out and pretend I lost the other one? Left both in, no one will notice, anyway.

8:15 – Woman sitting next to me asks if I know I am wearing two different earrings. (Not at total stranger, anyway.) Knit thru dull presentation, only ripping a row or two.

9:30 Arrive back at my office only to discover that the meeting I thought I had next Tuesday was actually today, and they are waiting in the lobby. The receptionist tried to call me, but my phone was turned off. All this in the first few hours.

Sonia Sotomayor is really my kind of gal –  fractures her ankle on the way to her Supreme Court appointment hearing.  I bet she had on matching earrings, though.

Gale asked some good questions in her comment about the razor shell.  I’ll try to post answers and photos for that tomorrow, before I leave for TNNA on Thursday.



13 responses to “Only to discover there is nothing retrograde — it’s just me.

  1. I would’ve gone home and hidden under the covers. Kudos to you for persevering!

    And thanks for the link you left on ye olde blogge earlier – my reply bounced back.

  2. Sorry you had such a rotten day, but thanks for the laugh! I’m cracking up over here!!

  3. Sounds sadly to familiar , right down to my mismatched earrings noticed earlier today on the way to a meeting. I looked into it, and take heart! Even though Mercury headed back into alignment on May 31, it takes a couple of weeks so I learned to expect this STUFF to clear up around June 14. See paragraph 2:

  4. Well, that sounds like it was fun. Or not. It’s never a good omen when you have to frog at 6:45am. That’s why I don’t even look at my knitting until evening.

    You should have told the woman who asked about your earrings that you were conducting research into how observative people are.

  5. Ouch, what a day. I hope you treated yourself at the end. : )

  6. Geez. The kind of day that makes you want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers up to your ears.

    I might go check the photos of the appointment hearing….. you know… for earring matchiness. 😉

  7. Oh, goodness. That is *not* the way to start the day! I hope it only got better from there?

  8. I hope your afternoon went better! Sounds like my kind of morning.

  9. Great tip about Febreeze. Thanks for the laugh! How things look up tomorrow.

  10. I meant “Hope…”

    Srry. I’m tired.

  11. You deserve a nice skein of yarn after a day like that.

  12. Thank you,
    very interesting article

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