One More Reason to get an iPhone

Check out this app –  I tried it out at TNNA and it worked beautifully.  knit gauge


Now if only I could keep my Verizon service and have an iPhone, I think I’d do it.  My sibs and I are all on Verizon so I can blabber with my sisters all the time for no minutes and no long distance.



10 responses to “One More Reason to get an iPhone

  1. Oh, that is a really clever use of an iphone! Hmm. I wonder if they have anything like that for the Android (since I’m not looking to leave T-Mobile.)

  2. Now that’s an app I could use.

  3. sold!
    Maybe all the sibs could get iphones too?

  4. Oh, wow. Knitting apps. The iphone just keeps looking more and more temping (if only I could afford the monthly plans!) 🙂

  5. All the apps play on an iPod Touch too and you don’t have the monthly bills. I just got the one that works out how much yarn you need for anything. It’s called YardageCalc, not very snappy.

    Re male / female advertising, men in the UK haven’t been acknowledged to have urinary frequency yet. We have much progress still to make in the area of embarrassing conditions. Impotence apparently only affects rather attractive middle-aged men with lovely wives, apparently.

  6. They’re very, very cool. Just talk your sisters into getting them, too. :o)

  7. I just got my latest iphone….have not looked for the app yet, but will. I love the phone. I can do almost everything on it that I do on a computer. and thankfully 2 of my sisters are also iphone owners so we can keep each other up to date. Except they never call because they are too busy……sigh.

  8. Woah! I’ve actually reserved an iPhone (although not bought it yet) for when they come in in Sept. and you just gave me another reason to go ahead and spend the money, and I was looking for reasons to be sensible and NOT buy! 😛

  9. What is the name of app?
    the link doesn’t work

  10. what is the name of the app?

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