Our Sock Summit (not)

Although I was in Portland and at the marketplace for Sock Summit, I feel like I didn’t really have a Sock Summit.  The Yarnery got word that it would be a vendor long after any hope of attending any classes or events was gone.  We spent lots of time in the marketplace, had fun, met lots of great people, (Knitting Linguist/ Jocelyn was just as I imagined, and I hope to meet again when we can sit and chat)  but other than spotting Barbara Walker having lunch with Lucy Neatby, it could have been any marketplace.

But not just anywhere.  The food in Portland is fabulous, so we stuffed our feelings about missing out on so much by stuffing our faces.  I cruised Chowhound for recommendations, but the locals we talked to had so many recommendations additional research wasn’t necessary.  My favorite meal?  The lunch Maura and I ran out to get on Saturday at the Farmers Market.  Fruit, cheese, bread and brownies.  The fruit was unlike any I have ever tasted.  Peaches, nectarines, berries galore, all at the absolute peak of perfection.  This picture says it all.

berry girl2

The best news — after all that togetherness, the Yarnery staff that went still had fun and still  like each other.  Well, I still like them, anyway.  My # 1 recommendation for solving the dilemmas of packing up huge amounts of stuff for shipping –  get yourself a North Dakota Farm Girl.  (Or two!)  Their awesome spatial skills and creative problem-solving knows no bounds.

Most cheerful booth non-shopper?  This man:
DH full

Wearing this tag:
DH pack mule



12 responses to “Our Sock Summit (not)

  1. I want one of those cheerful helpers!

  2. Those blackberries are the size of that baby’s head!

  3. I had so much fun meeting you, too! Coffee and a longer chat are called for next time, though, definitely. I love that last picture — too funny 🙂

  4. Hee! That guy could make a fortune renting himself out for such occassions!

    The blueberries made me drool. Yummmm!

  5. I hear the calorie count in Portland was rough. Between the food… and the beer…. and the snacking…. Brutal!

  6. Sounds like you managed to have fun even without taking classes. 🙂 Those berries are amazing! And that DH’s sign – perfect.

  7. Shelly (ND farm girl #2)

    We still like you too, M’Lou.

  8. Next year. I’m definately going NEXT year.

  9. I LOVE that nametag!

    Sorry to hear you couldn’t get into the classes but it does sound like it was much fun.

  10. I know how you feel, I had no idea I’d be at Sock Summit until two weeks beforehand. The food made up for a lot for me too – dim sum, fresh fruit, pancakes made with waffle batter, and some kind of garlic pizza that I know I’m going to spend the next six months trying to reproduce.

  11. That little girl is suffering from Fear of Big Berries. Love it!

  12. Portland is definitely worth visiting just for the food!

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