Dye Job

This does not refer to the dye job I quit doing.  (Free at last –  I started going grey in High School.)  Evidence of that decision is in this beautiful photo by Sarah Walker.  For more adorable boys and horses, check out her blog.

three heads

No, for the first time ever, I tried dyeing yarn.  I am making a Stockinette Squares No Sew Blanket as a going-off-to- college present for one the kids I make Christmas presents with every year.  Every year, she wanted to do tie-dye.  We tie-dyed shoelaces, napkins, pj’s, t-shirts, socks and other things I can’t remember.  I wanted to have an element of that in the blanket,  but couldn’t find any machine washable yarn that worked.  So, tie-dye it myself, why not?  After searching for good info on the web, I ended up buying Gorgeous Hand Dyed Yarn at Home from Three Irish Girls.  I had a few good laughs with the Irish Girl  at Sock Summit, she has beautiful yarn, so I figured she  must know what she’s doing.  It is an excellent booklet. I may buy the one on gradient/self striping dyeing, too.  If it didn’t work, I could always overdye whatever turned out.  I went with tie dye colors: scarlet, purple, turquoise, yellow.

I followed her directions more or less, but instead of heating on the stove, I used a crockpot I found at Goodwill for $5.00.  It was perfect.  A few lessons, though.

Don’t shake the jar unless you know the lid is on really tight.
dye jars

Even thought the yarn does not look like it will be pretty, be patient.
yarn drying

Wound into balls, it looks much better.

There can be significant variations in one dye lot — how it happened, I have no idea.

Best of all, the yarn really looked like it will work with the solid colors that I chose for the squares.
Yarn group

Finished product modeled by recipient soon.



7 responses to “Dye Job

  1. Yowza! Look’it those colors! The hand-dyes will be great with the ones you’ve picked already.

    Is that Ms. Holley in the last pic?

  2. Looking good! I love the colors.

  3. Wow – you got such great colors! Looking forward to seeing how this knits up.

  4. I love it. It’s going to be a wonderful gift.

    I too had grey hair when I was too young to have it…

  5. Wow that looks like a successful dye session, I am impressed. And that jar shaking- so something I would do, too. Do you have tie dye hands, too?

  6. I love those colors! Very bright and happy, and perfectly appropriate for someone who loves tie-dye 🙂

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