The Different Every Time Blanket

I did promise some finished product shots of the latest version of the stockinette squares  no-sew blanket.  The ‘tie dye’ knit up wonderfully.  The recipient was thrilled.  When I told her how I had tie-dyed the yarn in her honor, she got a little teary-eyed and said ” So this may be our last tie dye together…”

I didn’t have much time for a photo shoot, so a couple of the pictures are blurry, but here it is in all its parti-colored glory.

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that the inner squares are all different sizes.  Yes, this was done on purpose.  When blanket girl was little,  she received a pop up tent for indoor play.  When baby sitting, I noticed she was trying to crawl into it with it upside down.   I told her she might break it,  and she cried mournfully — “But I want it to be different every time!”  That pretty much sums up her approach to much in life.  (ENFPs unite.)  So, this  is the Different Every Time blanket.

I wish I had started sooner and made it one strip larger, but I suppose I could make one and add it on. It will be a good size for wrapping up while studying. She looks happy enough, anyway.

How did I know they were the right colors?  Check out the shoes.



12 responses to “The Different Every Time Blanket

  1. Mary Lou it is fabulous! What a nice gift. Hopefully you WILL get to tie dye again.

  2. Fantastic! She obviously loves it. 🙂

  3. Different every time and perfect! I love that blanket.

    I love those shoes too.

  4. That blanket is striking – I love it. Am itching to get knitting one myself.

  5. Oh, it’s absolutely wonderful, and it sounds like it captures her spirit exactly. What a perfect gift 🙂

  6. Love the blanket, but with the story behind it, it’s that much even better. The sneakers are the crowning touch.

  7. ps
    Nice photos, especially the partially B&W one. Did someone got to premium?

  8. She looks really happy! Bet you are too, having finished all that blanket knitting.

  9. Looking at this again and wondering if I should do something similar with my current knitting of “baby blankets”.

  10. Oh how I loved hearing this story again! It has special narcissistic meaning to me as another ENFP.
    The blanket is great. I would so enjoy knitting it since the squares would be different every time! Great job, ML!

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