Red Scarf Moment

I was at the post office this afternoon with my two Red Scarf Project scarves.

While asking the clerk to help me figure out the best way to send them, they were sitting out on the counter.  She admired them extravagantly, so I told her about the Red Scarf Project.  She then told me about how she ended up in foster care as a teenager, and that indeed she had been out in the cold when she turned 18.  I was almost a little teary at this reminder of the very real folks we are supporting.

Winter is here in Minnesota. If you want to know what it looked like right in front of my house this morning, check out Fifth Lamp Down‘s pictures.  I saw the photo shoot out my window while getting ready to brave the cold.  I was not as enthusiastic as those two.


9 responses to “Red Scarf Moment

  1. That looks like some nice dry snow. We just got mush. Ah, I’m sure we’ll get some real snow sometime over the next 5 or 6 months!

    Your scarves look great — is one woven? And so good to get a reminder about the real people involved in things like the Red Scarf project.

  2. Very cool about that postal worker!

    Brr flippin’ brr…

  3. Nice scarves. Nice reminder of why you are doing it. Our snow was wet and gone by 10 am.

  4. And that is exactly why we are doing this. Thank you so much for the story, Mary Lou. XO

  5. Geez – yeah… I’ll say. I woulda been snuffly too, hearing that story from her. Good – 2 more scarves for someone like that. Awesome.

  6. wow that really says winter. How lucky to have a blogger down the street to do the dirty (cold) work for you!

    LOVE those scarves, what a great story that the PO person, it just prove sthe point of the OFA!

  7. Lovely scarves! I’m noticing more woven scarf photos this year…you, Jess…is this a bandwagon I haven’t gotten on yet? Thanks for sharing the story.

  8. I’m glad to see they’ve got their hats and scarves on – lovely photos.

  9. The scarves are beautiful! But what’s even better is for you to have met up with that woman; I bet it meant the world to her to know about this project.

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