Holiday Wrap Up

Happy 2010 to all!  Christmas is come and gone.  We saw in the  New Year in Wisconsin seeing old friends and spent the minutes before midnight out on Lake Mendota under the Blue Moon at minus five F.

As always, the run up to Christmas included cranking out gifts with a gang of my favorite kids who are not so kid like anymore.

One of the gifts was  a batch of hang-on-the-oven door hand towels.  Here’s an action photo of the  production line:

And an inaction photo –  it’s tough to be 15 and have completed ‘the most awesome of the Christmas presents we have ever made’ — not to mention the four hot dogs that pushed him over the edge.

Sadly, I somehow did not get a picture of that most awesome of gifts.  It was very, very, silly.

We arrived for Christmas breakfast to a table set with the placemats we made two years ago and never photographed.

They were great fun to make with scraps of the projects of Christmas past, and well suited to an assembly line where there are a variety of skills and ages.  If anyone wants more detail, I’d be glad to send it.

My traditional contribution to Christmas breakfast is Swedish Tea Log.  We don’t have a drop of Swedish blood, but my mother found the recipe one year, made it for Christmas breakfast, and a tradition was born.  Recipe freely given on request.  You must enjoy mountains of butter in your yeast bread, be forewarned.  The strains of “Oh bring us our Swedish Tea Log” were heard as we walked up the porch steps, and the plate never made it quite to the table without samples.

The gift I made were convertible and/or ‘texting’ mittens.
I promised myself to use stash this year, and made most of them with leftover sock yarns held double or triple.  This makes them fairly hard wearing and machine washable. It also was simpler than stripes, as there were far fewer ends to weave in.

For the boys, I made ones without fingers, so they could be slipped up the wrist when not in use, in the hope that there might still be two matching mittens by the end of winter.


I’ve been reading blogs full of wonderful goals, plans, patterns, hopes, and wishes.  I am inspired by all, but not going out on a limb with anything more specific than wishing you all, gentle readers, a year without worries and fears and  full of hope and joy.


12 responses to “Holiday Wrap Up

  1. Back atchoo Mary Lou! I always love seeing your annual gift making brigade. Looks like an excellent holiday.

  2. Hmm. I wonder how I could get my family to do an annual gift making project like that – very cool!

    You won’t see a single resolution from me. 🙂

  3. Nice work Mary Lou. I love that you do this every year. It’s such a sweet thing to do. Please forward Swedish Tea Log recipe. What’s not to like about loads of butter?

  4. The gift making brigade looks like a lot of fun. As does the Swedish Tea Log ;^)

  5. I love the pics of “your” kids – they look like they are having a blast. And yeah… honestly… I will eat anything with “loads of butter”. I shouldn’t probably, but you only live once, eh?

  6. Thank you for the perfect New Year’s wish and I wish the same for you and yours. And no resolutions from me!
    Love the photo of Christmas breakfast.
    Please send me the Swedish Tea Log recipe.

  7. Mmmmm, mountains of butter. Happy New Year!

  8. What a wonderful Christmas! I love the assembly line picture — I bet those kids are all going to have amazing memories of Christmases past to build on in their own adulthoods. And those mittens are pretty neat. Happy New Year — may it be filled with peace and joy and much wool.

  9. Melinda (aka Theblackersheep)

    What wonderful things you make! I’m going to have to share this with someone I know who recently took up quilting.

    Weren’t some of those kids an awful lot smaller/shorter the last time you posted pictures of them?

  10. Very cool that you all get together to make gifts!

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