They’re Back!

The other day I saw this out the bathroom window – a pair of sleeping hawks in the early morning darkness.

Guy said yesterday they were working on the nest on and off all day.

Which means this cannot be all that far behind:

I’m not sure where they have been sleeping all winter, but since they are coming back for a little housing rehab,  I’ll be looking at the trees as I head off to work.  I pestered the Red Tail expert at the Raptor Center on a regular basis last year.  I am already starting my new list of questions as we wait for the babies to arrive.


8 responses to “They’re Back!

  1. What a nice addition to your backyard wildlife. Lucky you.

  2. Yay!! I see redtail hawks sitting on top of the lights along 394 all winter, so they must have some winter strategy…

  3. Wow, clearly they are confident that Spring will come!

  4. Oh, wow! I never see hawks like that — the only ones I see are flying high up in the sky. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw a hawk sitting on a hammock in my backyard. . . I’d be curious, but I’m not smart enough to know whether I should be afraid.

  5. Ooh, they’re gorgeous. I adore raptors, and having some nesting nearby is a true treat.

  6. Lucky you! What a site to have in your back yard! I’m jealous, even though we get a lot of very beautiful buzzards flying around.

  7. So cool! We have a pair that nest on the sign at my work. I love watching them.

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