Lucky Me

I injured my shoulder recently while trying to learn how to lift the puck from this fearsome hockey dude:

My bodywork professional suggested that a middle aged woman who already has overuse problems in her shoulder from knitting, computer work, gardening and horses should perhaps not have undertaken this particular project.

I felt like a big whiner while watching those Olympic women crashing down the mountain at Whistler.  Then this morning, I felt even more lucky to have a small shoulder tear.  I read a moving description written by a fellow knitblogger of her struggles to come back after a stroke.  Needled is young, apparently healthy (based on all the photos she shares of herself hill walking) and a talented knitter and designer.  Then one day on the way to work she keeled over.  Take a minute to read her eloquently written post.  You’ll feel lucky, too.


8 responses to “Lucky Me

  1. Ack about Needled! And ack about your poor shoulder. 😦 How long before you’ll be back to your regular activites?

    (And my, what a fearsome hockey dude!)

  2. Hockey dude is indeed fearsome. Take care of the shoulder — you need that, you know 🙂 Poor Needled! But she sounds like one who will make a strong comeback (just like those Olympians).

  3. Oh dear. That did make me laugh even though I am sorry your shoulder hurts. Is it interfering with knitting time?

    I feel lucky most days at work. I work near a psychiatric clinic and we often see the patients walk by in groups or even alone. Some have physical diasbilties as well and some just talk to themselves or look very unhappy. I thank God everytime I see them that I’m still healthy in body and mind.

  4. Wow, that is some story!
    I hope your shoulder heals up, and am impressed by Needled’s story — I wonder how long it took her to type that long entry!

    *touch wood*

  5. Yikes. He does have a nice stance – bet his slap shot is fearsome. Hope you are soonly mended.

  6. Take care, M’Lou. That Needled is indeed an inspiration.

  7. wow, that makes one wonder how you’d hold up in the same situation as Needled. Sobering how much can change so quickly. Watch ou ton that ice, he looks like a fierce opponent . I think that’s your formerly little tiger hat guy, right?

  8. Ow for your shoulder. I hope you feel better soon. I have had a niggling wrist injury (which I refuse to admit has anything to do with knitting) – when it is not acute, swimming laps has helped me get a lot more strength.

    My Bloglines has been not giving me feeds – so I missed that post from Needled. Such a huge thing to overcome.

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