Kombu Cowl

After the J.Peterguy post about the Harvest Gaiter, there were a number of comments about disgusting things that can be avoided by wearing a cowl in lieu of a scarf. One commenter wanted a lightweight neckwarmer that would help during a urology rotation. I don’t need to explain any further about what could happen to a scarf, do I? So D, this one’s for you.

I wanted to make a fingering weight cowl that would draw in a bit, but not feel like a turtleneck. Also, I have been obsessed with Mini Mochi. (Watch this space for further developments.) Mini Mochi is a sock yarn from Crystal Palace that doesn’t look to me like it would be much good for socks. If someone has worn some Mini Mochi socks and they are still in one piece, let me know. On the other hand, it is soft and has beautiful, dramatic, long color repeats. Crystal Palace calls it “Slow striping.” I like that.

I present Kombu.
martha kombu

It took about half a skein of Mini Mochi. I named it for the seaweed, since this stitch pattern is wavy and seaweed like. I also did a solid color version in Rowan 4 ply.
kombu close up

This also used about half a ball. We are talking economic knitting here. You could make two of these babies for less than $10. (Well, a tiny bit more than that if you include the pattern. Thanks as always to Martha – willing to stand on Grand Avenue in the driving snow for the sake of art. Plus I bribed her with cake.  Available on Ravelry, yarns and pattern at the Yarnery (or at your LYS through Yarncraft Supplies.)

My family must have a strange connection with Red Tailed Hawks.  In Minnesota, ours are happily building their nest, but take a look at my sister’s kitchen window in N.J.

Now look at the culprit.

I’m glad to say that no animals were harmed during the  making of this blog post. He was apparently unharmed and flew away, albeit a bit groggily.


8 responses to “Kombu Cowl

  1. That cowl is gorgeous!

    Yikes – glad the hawk was ok!!

  2. I am confused (nothing new about that) as to how a scarf would be, er, contaminated during a urology rotation. Don’t such rotation generally occur indoors? In a building with central heating? Not to take anything away from the cowl, though — they are both beautiful 🙂

  3. The cowl is gorgeous! And I like the idea of finding something else to do with my ball of Mini Mochi – I, too, have been worrying about durability on the foot. I’m also glad to hear that hawk was OK — birds and windows do not mix!

  4. Oh ouch! that look like it hurt. A lot. I’m glad he was able to fly away.

    Gorgeous cowl. I like the slow striping.

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  6. Chris actually commented on my post about mini-mochi telling me to come over here to check your cowl out. Very nice. I have one pair of socks made from Mini Mochi (this is my Rav link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Guinifer/braided-gem-socks ) I wear them with my clogs and I LOVE them. So far, they have worn just fine. You can see I finished them almost a year ago.

  7. My 7 year old has a pair of Mini Mochi socks. They’re very fuzzy. Long fuzzes. And they tightened up very fast. No sign of wearing out yet. If I make another pair for him, I’ll knit them up a bit big. (Do you think they’ll grow instead?)

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