My Sweater Can Beat Up Your Sweater

Last night we attended a chamber orchestra concert in a local temple.  We were seated in the first row, very close to the musicians.  On one side of us was an older male couple, one  wearing a Norwegian-style sweater.  Mr. Guy was wearing this Dale sweater I made for him a few years ago.
ski lesson
During the concert, the Norwegian sweater man started humming.  Loudly.  Not being a mild-mannered Minnesotan who would say nothing but then go home and complain, Mr. Guy asked him to stop.  Now,  Guy is quite a bit older than I am, and this man must have been in his 70’s.  He looked at Guy and hummed a little more before stopping.  Then, during a beautiful interchange between only a violin and cello he started humming again.  Guy kicked his foot.  Do NOT mess with Mr. Guy’s enjoyment of Corelli!  The man looked really mad. I was glad I had seen a Minneapolis cop in the foyer, because I was afraid it would deteriorate into one of the infamous old guy chamber music brawls.

On the drive home, someone was tailgating us, and we were joking that it was the couple from the concert.  “He’s coming to put a beat down on you.”  “Let him try.  I’ll kick his machine made sweater wearin’ butt.”    I’m glad I wasn’t driving, I was laughing so hard.  Gotta love a man who values his hand knits!


13 responses to “My Sweater Can Beat Up Your Sweater

  1. Life must be exciting in a place where there are “infamous old guy chamber music brawls.”

  2. Oh my god, who *does* that? I don’t blame your hubby; I would be seriously pissed off about the humming. I mean, seriously, WTF?

  3. Major points to your hubby! 🙂

  4. ooh a handknit chamber music brawler, now that’s a keeper quality spouse.

  5. It sure looks like his handknitted sweater can kick a lot of butt.

  6. Man, I haven’t seen a good old guy chamber music brawl in ages!

  7. Beats sitting next to people who are snoring.

  8. Mr. Guy sounds like my kind of guy. I can’t believe the gall of the hummer! What some people think is absolutely beyond me… It’s too bad you didn’t have your knitting, you could’ve poked him.

  9. Now I really need to see a handknit sweater chamber music brawl before I die. Must. Go Mr. Guy!

  10. Ooh, I am not a fan of humming or whistling! Almost as annoying as store bought sweaters 😉

  11. That’s absolutely hilarious! I’m not sure if the whistler was just taking passive-aggressive to a new level, or if it actually was aggressive. I could actually picture this entire exchange in my head as I read it!

    Great Dale sweater, BTW.

  12. Hmm, sounds like an entertaining evening on all sides. Love that sweater.

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