Learn Something New Every Day

They say travel broadens the mind.  I was in Washington DC last week for work and learned a remarkable bit of information.  Now, perhaps you are not the sort of person who forgets which side her car’s gas tank is on.  Or remembers which side it was in her first car, the 1979 Rabbit, but not the current vehicle.  Or can’t remember which car she is driving that day.  I was driving a rental car and stopped to get gas.  I wondered out loud which side the gas tank was on and  my passenger pointed out this:
Gas tank.JPG
That little arrow next to the icon for a gas pump shows you which side.  Cool.

Oh iconography, how I love thee.  Once I understand thee.

9 responses to “Learn Something New Every Day

  1. Someone would have to point that out to me too.

  2. Cool! I’ll have to check our car(s) for that symbol, too.

  3. Hmm. Should I pretend that I didn’t know this?

  4. A smart idea that has only recently been adopted. None of our cars has it, not even the 2006 model. No point in looking for it when it’s not there. . .

  5. I well remember the day I had that exact same revelation. What made it particularly nice was that it was one of the rare occasions when I figured out something about a car that my husband didn’t know. Priceless 🙂

  6. travellersyarn

    A friend and I were once completely flummoxed by her father’s car – the gas tank was behing the licence plate! We needed to ask apsser-by for help…

  7. That would make it hard to go back to another car. What happens when your next rental lacks the icon?

  8. My 2005 Saturn has that same little arrow. It was pointed out to me on my test drive – it’s not the reason I bought the car, but I do like it! I think it’s a feature of all GM cars.

  9. Neat! I will have to look for it.

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