Swatching Amid the Ruins

I have lots of knitting going on, mostly not bloggable.  It does involved lots of decision making about gauge in two color knitting — not the easiest swatching to do, at least to me.

In addition, this is the current appearance of my usual knitting spot:

And here’s a view from the dining room:
I grew up in a big old house constantly under construction, because a run-down old house was all my parents could afford.  (In my line of work, we now refer to it a ‘deferred maintenance.’ )  As a result, I can live with a fair amount of unfinished work around me.
However, after working all day when I get home to this:
cellar stairs.JPG

I just feel irritated.  Also, all that old lathe and plaster stinks of must and dust and the tavern this place was at one time.

How my mother did it with a houseful of kids I have no idea, especially since work only got done as my father had time and there was money.  So there were projects underway for years, and after a while you stop noticing that there is no plaster on the wall in the living room.  In one bathroom, my father had written the word ‘radiator’ on the wall, where he planned to put one at some point.  After a while, one of my brothers wrote underneath it – “Wow, sure keeps you warm.”  I remember this because I must have read that message every day for many years.  I think my father finally painted over the message when he sold the house.

I have to remind myself that it will be much better when it’s done.  Plus, our house won’t fall down.  Much of the work is structural, with the added benefit of being able to move a wall once the structural work is finished.

On the other hand, I have not undertaken the rehabilitation of a utter ruin – look at the project over on Jean’s blog. Utter ruin is not just a figure of speech.  It makes our project look like a quick dust and vacuum.  The ‘worker dudes’ as my nephew calls them, promise I’ll see something good when I get home tonight.


8 responses to “Swatching Amid the Ruins

  1. Hopefully your house won’t be in disarray for too long!

  2. I hope your stash is well-sealed from the must and dust and old tavern fumes 🙂

  3. wow, that’s a lot of work underway. I like that phrase, deferred maintenance. We live it. I like to think of it a old house charm.

  4. My niece is catching up with some deferred maintenance just now. I’ve learnt not to ask any questions. At all.

  5. Oh, wow. That’s some serious chaos you’ve got going on over there! We’ve only ever taken on one major project (a kitchen reno), and that was hard enough — no kitchen for six weeks with two young kids was no fun. I admire your mom. I hope the news tonight is, indeed, good 🙂

  6. Living in chaos is frustrating because you waste so much time doing simple things, and living with bad smells, well that’s just depressing. Don’t get me started on not having a good knitting spot…

    You have my sympathy.

  7. Wow! That’s a lot of work to be done. I bet you’ll be glad when it’s finished and I’m sure it will have been worth it all, even if it hardly seems so at the moment. Will we get after pictures?

  8. Renovations were a way of life life for our family too. If they weren’t taking down wallpaper, my parents were refinishing furniture. I kind of got the bug for it too and then overdosed on it. Now it just gives me the willies. Hope it’s all over soon.

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