Meritorious Conduct

Even though I have been working to remove items from my house, on a recent trip to Fleet Farm (aka the Man’s Mall) I brought something home.   I scored a new knitting bag: the Gatemouth Junior from Bucket Boss.  ($9.95 –  you can’t beat Fleet Farm.  Go in for fly spray, go home with a knitting bag.)

This bag is almost perfect.  It stands up straight, opens wide  and zips closed.  It has lots of interior and exterior pockets.

The one down side is the color.  I also don’t like the Bucket Boss rubbery logo.  It is sewn on, which surprised me.  This isn’t even the pro model!  However, it  got me thinking about a replacement for the logo.  Hmmmm…… as part of the household purge process, I rediscovered this item.

It was not in the box of my father’s stuff, as you may have already guessed.  It is being worn by the tall sister in this photo.

I started looking at the merit badges.  Some I actually remember, others are a complete mystery.  The first badge, the steaming teacup, is Hospitality.  (No wonder my brothers, three of them Eagle Scouts, mocked my merit badges.)

Using Hospitality as a starting point, and knowing that the badges didn’t change from 1963 to 1980, perhaps we can draw some conclusions about the values the others represent.  Did they provide guidance for the 11-year old facing her future?

Get plenty of rest.

Go dancing.

Meet the man of your dreams.

The hoped for outcome:

Otherwise, you might end up as a maintenance of way worker for the railroad.

Many of these badges were glued on.  So this one must not have made a big impression.

I just can’t decide which one to use on my fabulous Gatemouth Jr., since there doesn’t appear to be a knitting badge.  But what is this? The one sewn on even more crookedly than all the others?

Dabbler merit badge.  Really, a merit badge for DABBLING.  No wonder I turned out the way I did.  That just might be the one.

This one, though, I’m sending to Gale.

If only I still had my handbooks, I could figure out what it all means.  Maybe Daddy was right – never throw anything out.  You might need it someday.



16 responses to “Meritorious Conduct

  1. Wow. Looks like a nice bag. Love how it opens so widely.

  2. I bet you can google and find out!

    Good grief – some of those merit badges… *shakes head* I do love the dabbling one!

  3. Wow, I can think of several people who need Dabbling badges! Have fun with those!

  4. OMG. As I was reading down your blog, first I was “damn I want one of those bags, must ask ML to get one for me”. Then I was all ” damn I wish she wasn’t so funny, I’m snorting coffee as I read”.
    Then I was all “damn, I LOVE those badges, all we Camp Fire Girls have as mementos are beads sewn onto our ceremonial vests, we were always the 2nd class organization”.
    But then I saw what you said about the photo badge and I was just “DAMN!”. Too cool. It would be an honor.
    IMO you need a bunch of badges on your bag. How could you leave off the bed one. Too funny.

  5. THAT is an awesome knitting bag. The rubber logo doo-hickey not withstanding.

  6. You catapulted me right back into the ’70s/’80s with that Girl Scout sash. I wonder whatever happened to mine? Hmm… must have a poke through the closets at Mom and Dad’s next visit. That wonderfully practical bag with the ho-hum color is just BEGGING to be customized. Have at it, and have fun!

  7. I was never a Girl Scout or Campfire Girl or any of those, so the badges were all new to me. Frankly, I think you need to put every darned one of them on your [absolutely fabulous!] new knitting bag.

    I too love Fleet Farm. My sewing box is a three-tier fishing tackle box. $10 vs. $35+ for the nice *real* ones in the fabric/craft store.

  8. travellersyarn

    Older daughter has just joined guides – and will be delighted if there is a dabbling badge still available!

  9. I knew there was a reason I was never a girl scout! Eagle Scout I could have aspired to, but not a merit badge in dabbling. I also can’t help but think that the bed badge might have gone over as well rested back then, but today it might get a little misconstrued…

    I am intensely jealous of your bag. I think these people missed their niche market. Just don’t tell them or they’ll triple the price!

  10. Perhaps they have a fix your mother a nice cup of coffee badge now.

    Love the post, love you. Have a great weekend with the Egan sisters.

  11. Is that seriously a merit badge for dabbling? Seriously? Because that’s actually kind of cool (especially if you rename it The Renaissance Woman merit badge — then it’s even cooler).

  12. I have a Dabbler too. IIRC, we had to sample a bunch of different crafts. We did that one at the beginning of a year, then voted on what we wanted to pursue in more depth.
    As for the one that looks like the Southern Pacific RR’s logo, it’s either a Railroading badge or Transportation. The Boy Scouts still do Railroading.
    Bet you don’t have one like mine with a lightning strike across it…our troop’s summer camp got hit by lightning, so we made our own 🙂

  13. I *love* that. And I can’t think of a better merit badge than Hospitality.

  14. I am just laughing and laughing at the badges. I have a sash somewhere with the same stuff on it, and I USED to know what they all meant.

  15. but wait!!! you CAN get a knitting badge. google it – they are out there!!

    awesome bag, going to investigate now.

  16. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout in the ’40’s. Can’t remember what our badges looked like – I didn’t earn all that many. I’ll have a look – a google I mean.

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