Coquille Saint Paul

Some of you are visiting from the new Knitty. Thanks for stopping by.

I really started out with an idea of making a vertically striped bandit, and the concept took off from there.

As much fun as the Mini Mochi was (and I made two in two different colors), I really fell in love with the Swans Island version. It is just my color.  Since the Knitty spread didn’t have a picture with the true color and loveliness of the Swans Island, (my fault entirely) I thought I’d share it here.

Thanks especially to Martha and Sarah (incaknits) for the photoshoot.

My 10 year old yarn winding nephew arrived last night from Texas, and we have worked our way through some already.  He wanted to impress me with how much better he is at it now that he is more mature and doesn’t try to go as fast as possible.     I’ll try to get a photo of it.  If it is truly any less fast, you couldn’t tell by me.



15 responses to “Coquille Saint Paul

  1. Ah, the stages of maturity and how we mark them.

    Swans Island is gorgeous, that’s my Dad’s favorite color but I love the two toned. Off to Knitty……

  2. I loved this, ML! What great construction!

  3. Knitty? I’ll have to go look.

    We need more of those nephews, fast or not. Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

  4. What a lovely shawl! I am adding it to my queue as soon as I am done here. Congratulations Mary Lou!

  5. Congrats, Mary Lou!! 🙂

  6. This is gorgeous and perhaps a use for a load of fingering yarn I stupidly (since I prefer knitting w/ size 5 and above needles) bought on a quick cruise stopover in Finland and got carried away. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. Congratulations! Your pattern is gorgeous.
    I am looking forward to knitting it.

  8. Way to go!

    So happy to see you’re in Knitty; I’ll have to add Coquille to my queue, since I have just a little bit of fingering weight yarn in my stash…

  9. I saw the new Knitty and thought…ooh! that’s our Mary Lou! Congratulations, now many thousands of new people will get to know your fab designs.

    I am so going to knit Coquille, likely with some Kureyon sock. I absolutely love the construction.

  10. travellersyarn

    Congratulations ML – I love it. I have some Zauberball looking for a pattern. It looks like a interesting knit, and extremely wearable – well done!

  11. Hey there, Ingrid put me onto this shawl and I love it, thanks for offering the pattern, I think some hand dyeing is in order.

  12. Love this pattern, so easy to knit, and no counting, already thinking of another, thank you.

  13. I adore this pattern and patiently waited three months for mini mochi to arrive from overseas (darn customs) but now I want one in a similar blue, it’s beautiful! I’ll just have to make two 😉

  14. Love this pattern. Just finished it in Malabrigo Baby Merino Lace in Pagoda. It looks wonderful. 🙂 Had a few problems at the beginning, but then got the hang of it, it was a nice way to learn something new and I’d never used this increase method before. Thanks for sharing on Knitty. 🙂

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