Whirlwind Month

First, thanks to everyone who sent such nice comments and notes on Coquille.  In only a week or so it has become number three on the Ravelry hit parade! That completely surprises me and I am as thrilled as you might imagine.  I never dreamed I’d be up on that list. I’m such a dork I keep going in to Ravelry to see the new projects.

I came back from the trip of a lifetime to California with my sisters. Mustang convertible.  Ipod with special mix for the DeadHead birthday girl.  Airport sunglasses and headscarves.

Clearly I am not the only dork in the family.

(When I told them I was going to have a pattern in Knitty they couldn’t stop laughing. Knitty dot com. Ha ha ha. They are not knitters, needless to say.)

Went to TNNA

Got back from TNNA to discover that Holley-the-Wonder-Horse had a terrible eye infection.  I discovered that there are such things as animal ophthalmologists (he does horses on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and that horses are extremely susceptible to fungal infections.  I don’t want to gross anyone out, but it became clear that removal of her eye (enucleation) was the most humane choice. Horses apparently adapt very well to having only one eye.  I think it was harder on me than on her, and being out of pain was a big plus, I’m sure. Now she is Holley the One-Eyed-Wonder-Horse.

Then came the visit from my human yarn winder.  He is 10 (!!) and flew alone from Texas.  The first night here he made dinner for us.  “Do you like Chinese food?  Well, really, it’s more Thai.”  The chicken stir fry with rice noodles was quite good, but my stove may never be the same again.

We spent several days at the barn, as JB was very interested in the eye situation, and was quite honored to be the first one riding Holley post-surgery.

Good eye for comparison

Here are some  results of our winding. He chose some yarn for socks as well.

In the middle of his visit I was surprised to see First Fall Knitty out earlier than I thought.  I showed him Coquille, and later he was checking out yarn for winding.  “Maybe,” he said, fondling some Smooshy, “you could use this yarn to make your new pattern for my mom.  She looks pretty in these colors.”  Awww.


16 responses to “Whirlwind Month

  1. Whatta summer so far! Enjoyed your report & am thrilled for you that Coquille is such a hit.
    Me? I just received a merit badge! So I’m feeling quite spiffy myself 🙂

  2. Congrat on Coquille! And in my mind, a one-eyed horse would walk with her head turned all the time…. I’m guessing that’s not right!

  3. Aw, nice to his mom and a winder! Clearly a keeper.

    That’s exactly how you should travel in CA.

    Me & Holley, one eyed. It’s not bad at all.

  4. What a lovely dorky picture, all white sunglasses, with the bridge poking up behind to remind you where that particular holiday was.

    I’m sorry about the eye business, happy about the shawl business, and that fella! So impressive! My 10-year-old doesn’t make me dinner! (Though the desire to wind wool must be universal, I would guess.)

  5. Ahhh darn it. I was hoping Ms. H was on the mend. Although I suppose she is now – just not in the way perhaps you’d want her to be mended. Give her a whole bunch of carrots and horsey-hugs from me!

  6. I saw your pattern on the Band Wagon List. You cannot fool so many knitters. It is a gorgeous piece. I am about to cast on with some worsted Lorna´s.

  7. Aw, poor Holly. 😦 But it’s good that horses adapt well to that situation!!

    I love the scarf and sunglasses look in the Mustang!

  8. I really like that young man! Nice to see Holly on the mend.

  9. travellersyarn

    I check my stats too (and I’ve only written one pattern!). 10 years old seems a lot older than 7 (my oldest).

  10. Poor Holly. I hope she’s OK. I’m sure it’s as you said, it’s harder for you than for her.

    Congrats on Coquille! Stat checking is human, I think we all do it.

    Again, what a nice young man. We do need more of them.

  11. Lovely photos. I’m really glad you didn’t take the Thelma and Louise thing too far 🙂

  12. What a fabulous summer so far! Except for poor Holley, although I’m really glad to see that she seems to be recovering well (I hope you are, too; something like that is very stressful, I know). Your trip to the Bay Area looks like it was an absolute success, yay! And huge congratulations on Coquille 🙂

  13. Congrats on the pattern! Looks great. Nice looking sisters too. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  14. I must tell my eldest grandson, Kyle age 10, about the cooking – awesome!!

  15. At this moment there are 119 (!) projects made from your pattern on Rav. You are a hit!

  16. I still say knit up an eye patch for that big beautiful horse!!

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