I’m old, deal with it.


This link sent by a ‘caring friend.’  However, there is nothing in there about not taking pictures of your vegetables.  The heat and rain have encouraged a bit of wildness in the back 40.

Last summer wasn’t really hot enough for my peppers and eggplant, so I’m really excited to see these.  I think eggplant on the vine are as beautiful as a flower.  On the grill, even lovelier.

Gale is knitting a gorgeous lace stole that reflects Anne Hanson’s appreciation of eggplant loveliness.

I’m starting to think I could skein up my winter squash vines and start knitting they are so long.

I’m not all that thrilled with the quality of these photos.  I am thrilled that Gale (the other Gale) of SheShootsSheepShots, is coming to St. Paul in late September for a weekend workshop on photographing your fiber.  Specifics soon.  I am sure she will accomodate old people’s flower photos as well.



11 responses to “I’m old, deal with it.

  1. Take pictures of the flowers too. And thanks for the eggplant pics. They don’t much remind me of the shawl….

  2. Hmm, I got distracted by that blog about acting old, or not old… I must say I do lots of those things I’m not supposed to do… old, and not cool. Dang.
    There is something just wonderful about an eggplant!

  3. Eh, take pictures of what you want. 🙂

  4. I’ll act anyway I want to, I’m old enough. Besides, half my blog pictures are of my vegetable/flower beds and my cat. What is so wrong about getting old? There are an awful lot of people who have been denied that privilege.

    Aren’t eggplants gorgeous? I love the purple flowers. I’m having serious garden envy looking at yours.

  5. I am now half way with pretty Coquille, and the short row parts remind me of the leaves on my hollyhock flowers. Well, I guess I would not have noticed, when I was younger.

  6. travellersyarn

    I must be getting old – I was just admiring the camellias and thinking that I should photograph them.

    I don’t think Robert Mapplethorpe was old – and he took lots of photos of flowers (as well as some truly unmentionables…)

  7. For a minute there I was searching my brain trying to figure out what i was knitting that looked like an eggplant in any way, shape or form….ohhhh, you mean another Gale. I wonder if she’s trying to remember agreeing to teach a workshop .
    Your garden looks impressive from here. Old shmold.

  8. You know, I’ve got the Yarn Harlot’s daily desk calandar. I think it’s every Wed. or Thurs. she does “You know you knit too much when…”. I think you should send the

    “I’m starting to think I could skein up my winter squash vines and start knitting they are so long.”

    comment into her because you know you knit too much when you even contemplate the viability of knitting squash vines :0)

    The shooting your fibre course sounds really good. Will you be going?

  9. I have to admit to liking flower photos. And I like veggie photos even better (I’m with you on the eggplant). That class on shooting fiber sounds wonderful — I’ve heard good things about her and her classes!

  10. Eggplant and retro – what could be better?

    Janet, in the process of discovering all that rock music I missed long ago.

  11. Came to your blog via Ravelry – your beautiful shawl is now in my queue. I’ve been photographing my vegetables too. You’d think I invented gardening as I get so excited!

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