Misteaks Happen

It has been a bit topsy- turvy here at my house. The remodeling crawls on, slowed considerably by some contractors. One of my co-workers said one day, after another tale of travails, “Too bad you don’t have a blog. You could tell all these stories.” I just smiled. If they don’t knit, they don’t know, I guess.

Anyway, I will not bore you with tales of Tough-Luck-Tony, the plumber, stories of water lines severed or misplaced heat pipes etc. He is now in nursing school, and only plumbing during school breaks, he told me as he took a long, deep drag on his cigarette. (Kind of Johnny LaRue goes to Nursing School.) You all have your own house problems, I’m sure. We are still dealing with the problems left by SfBrains, the  previous owner. Just a word of advice for potential homebuyers. If the guy you are buying the house from says he did the work himself, or had the work done, RUN to your city offices and see if he pulled permits. If he didn’t, RUN AWAY.

I just finished a beautiful stole in Madelinetosh Tosh Lace. It’s a superwash yarn, gorgeous colors, but very ‘sproingy’- almost like a boucle.   I’m sure you spinners out there have a technical term.  The stitches really curled up on themselves while knitting, and I used more markers in Feather and Fan than  ever  before. It blocked out perfectly, exposing a dropped stitch I missed and had to fix.  Repairing mistakes seems to be a theme around here these days.

I do have pictures of the guest teacher in my last Great American Aran Afghan Class.  The talented and generous Susan Rainey brought her finished afghan to class and told the tales of the squares.

It helped students to hear that certain squares required Susan to lock herself in the basement.  If she had to do that, they could be assured that those squares really were difficult.

Susan’s technical expertise is the stuff of legend here in Minnesota.  (And  elsewhere!) I am signing up for her zipper insertion class at the Yarnery.  I know I’ll learn a few tricks.



11 responses to “Misteaks Happen

  1. Oh dear. Are you going to find another plumber?!?

  2. Now I know why my home repair woes are so closely aligned with yours. The DIY Guy who we bought the house from, who advised us on ways to get around permitting and such. Somehow, I thought that was cool at the time. Good luck with finishing up the repairs. (not said sarcastically)

    ps glad it’s not misteeks

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the house woes; home repair/renewal/remodelling never goes as smoothly as one hopes, does it? I hope it’ll get better!

    The knitting class sounds wonderful — I always think it’s really inspiring to take a class like that, even if I can’t imagine having the time and discipline to knit an afghan that gorgeous right now!

  4. And I thought this might be about a steeking accident. Thank goodness it was not!

  5. I am trying to do some lace knitting at the moment, and am finding that it is incompatible with parenting (or indeed any conversation at all). Definitely incompatible with drinking wine.

    I need a zipper insertion class – I can do it on fabric (just), but avoid all knitting patterns requiring it.

  6. Have you ever seen A Year in Provence? If not, you might want to rent it. It would make you feel better about the renovataions. Good luck!

  7. That afghan is AMAZING!!!

    In reply to your comment on MY blog: YES, do visit the Autry Western Heritage Museum the next time you come to L.A. It’s a most unique museum and of course, the gift shop is great…..expensive, but interesting!

  8. I’ve been thinking about renovating my kitchen, but I’m a bit scared to do it. A woman at work has been renovating her kitchen for the last ten years, held hostage by bad contractors. Sounds like a nightmare.

    I keep hearing about that Madelinetosh. Must keep an eye out for it.

  9. I must be reading too much lately. When I saw “SfBrains” I thought “Science fiction brains?”

    Our house was built in 1929, so we have had plenty of opportunity over the twelve years we’ve lived here to say to each other, “Why on earth did they do THAT?” Of course, I’m sure that people will say that about some of the things we’ve done, too, come to think of it….

    I am in awe of the afghan!

  10. As you say, if they don’t knit, they don’t know about your blog. Well, I could extend that to maybe say if they don’t read……….. I think I have picked up a few blog readers by telling friends about it, but let’s face it, at least here in Ireland a lot of my friends and/or people with similar interests just aren’t blog readers. A good number of my friends don’t even have email. And as for my sisters, well I keep saying if only you would get a computer!!

  11. I had to laugh out loud thinking of Johnny LaRue’s exercise regime in one episode (opening and closing the refrigerator door) and becoming so exhausted he had to stop and have a cigarette. Funny man. Not so funny to have working on your plumbing … or being a nurse somewhere … yikes! Hope it all comes together in a safe manner!

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