End of Summer Contest

I thought Labor Day was supposed to be a day off. Not around here. In addition to helping install a replacement water heater, (do things always break on holiday weekends?)  I’m harvesting and freezing, using the outdoor ‘kitchen’ to keep the mess outside, a little closer to the compost.

I wanted to take a holiday nap several times over the weekend, but it seemed like every neighbor had a compressor and a nail gun going. Why aren’t they taking the weekend off? And doesn’t the sudden desire to install a 10-foot high solid fence around one’s already fenced yard raise suspicion? Or don’t they like my garden?

But the contest – not mine but over at She Shoots Sheep Shots. Check it out. And check this out – Gale Z. is coming for sure for a photography workshop.

Photo Workshop Weekend in St Paul MN at The Yarnery September 25 & 26th

click here for details

If you have a passion for photography (or just want to have your pictures look decent) come along for 2 days of hands-on digital camera workshop. Pixels, fiber, FO’s..what more could you want? I am taking this class again, if you are in or near Minnesota, come join us.


7 responses to “End of Summer Contest

  1. Colour me green with envy. I want to do that workshop.

    It’s been quiet around here all weekend long. Nary a lawnmower to be heard. Sorry you could not get a nap in.

  2. No nailing, power saws, or lawn mowing here. Obviously I live in a neighborhood of grasshoppers, while you live in a neighborhood of ants. 🙂

  3. I think it’s actually illegal here to make noise on a holiday (and at lunch or after 9pm or before 8am) so it’s always fairly quiet on public holidays. I also agree with Chris, your neighbours are too industrious by far! :0)

  4. You must be glad to go back to the work week for some peace & quiet or at least no broken major appliances?
    That is a major fence. Your garden look vista worthy to me.

    Hey other Gale, i wish you would sign up so we can meet!

  5. And here I thought the nail guns were just my neighbors! I wonder what it is about three-day weekends that just make some folks want to pound nails 🙂

  6. They just want to drive you over the edge. Your garden is lovely.

  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Perhaps the fence-builder hasn’t read Robert Frost.

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