What happened to September?

If you find out, let me know.  I recently finished this lovely sweater, Goodale, in Thirteen Mile Sport (Lovely yarn, naturally dyed and it’s on clearance at the Yarnery right now!) with mods that included added length and 3/4 sleeves.  I am tall and long waisted, so 8″ from the underarm to the bottom was not going to cut it for me.  I wish now I had made it a bit longer, but I only had a few yards left of my three skeins.

A friend I tried to score some extra yarn from commented that I finished this sweater really fast, and please tell her I didn’t also have a clean house.  Not hardly.

In fact, this month was so filled with work projects that I couldn’t take time off to help at home, so I was coming home and being the assistant.  We were eating at 9 at night, which I hate.  It is amazing, though, how much knitting you can do while sitting/standing waiting for your next assignment or to pick up the dropped items at the base of the ladder.

Holding up sheetrock?  Not so good for the knitting muscles.

The combination of all of this seems to have affected my subconscious.  There has been so much talk of building codes and me reading rehab specs at work, and could the county use certain pots of money to hire a code-enforcement official, that I dreamed there was an equivalent to a building inspector for knitting. This knitting inspector had the Goodale pattern specs and was examining my finished sweater.  “There are supposed to be more decreases at the underarm.  Can you explain why you only have 3?”  You get the drift. I think I need a vacation!

I did go to Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor for work, and got great recommendations for yarn shops and food from some Ravellers, one of which was  Zingerman‘s.  The chocolate cherry bread? Do Not Miss It.   Zingerman’s has great food, fun and competent staff, and gives a great deal of money back to the community.  It makes me feel good to spend money in a business like that.  I also spent some money at  Knit A Round. I always like to find local yarns — this Shepherd’s Wool is made in Michigan. It is similar to Cascade 220, but has 250 yards per skein and is really soft for a basic worsted.  I’m thinking mittens.  Also, the friendly woman at Knit A Round gave me a combo pen/highlighter as a little extra with my purchase.  Always nice to get a lagniappe.

Plus, I arrived  home to find a door!!!

Now the cellar is back in its proper place, and no longer part of the dining room.  Sweet.



9 responses to “What happened to September?

  1. You’d hardly believe this, but the blog post I’m writing about Billie has a knitting inspector in it, the context being that I don’t think they would approve of the way the sleeves look on the inside. Either we have folie a deux, or it’s actually about to happen and we’re tuning in to the Zeitgeist.

    Very nice sweater, and very nice door.

  2. Very sweet! One doesn’t appreciate a door until one has done without it for a while. The sweater looks great – no regulators will protest anything that nice, i am sure!

  3. Love the sweater. We’ll be living like you are soon enough. I made a felted coat last year for my niece out of the Shepherds Wool – nice to knit.

  4. Yay for a new sweater and a door! 🙂 If you figure out where October’s going, please share. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this humorous post. I have heard of a knitting police, but a knitting inspector. Scary!!

  6. Poor you! Love the sweater and how you keep your sense of humor!

  7. It’s amazing how often we have synchronous lives. The building inspector (or absence of one this week) has left us a partially destructed/partially reoconstructed front stoop. It’s kind of exciting every time you walk out the front door.
    Love that sweater.

  8. Knitting inspectors, I’m sure we’ve got them. After all, we do have house cleaning inspectors (not joking, they really do exist!). I’ll make sure none of them drift your way though, K?

    Isn’t it a great feeling to finally have something you’re dreading over with (and your rooms begin behaving themselves again? That door looks great!

  9. Oh, I do feel for you, coming home to ongoing DIY. You’ll need to knit just to keep the stress levels down.

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