Knitting for Others

I haven’t turned on my heat yet, but they did turn it on at work yesterday.  I cannot bear sitting in a 76F cubicle.  I’m going to wait a few days to start complaining, since I know it takes a while to get things right.  How can a knitter wear her hand-knits if she is sweating in a t-shirt?

I know this is the time of year when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere start knitting in earnest to keep warm, (unless they are in an overheated office) so I am asking you knitters to think of adding a few items for others as you dig thru the stash and plan.  Suggestions?

Red Scarf Project – I finished my Red Scarf while I was in Michigan, knitting my way through sessions.  However, the Kureyon scarf I donated to the Silent Auction fundraiser was the subject of some fierce bidding, and the loser asked if he could make a donation to the scholarship fund in exchange for the scarf I was making.  Since I am chair of the scholarship committee, it was hard to say no.  And I have a bunch more of this ancient Tahki Tweedy Lamb in my stash, so there will be another.  Pattern is Brioche Stitch, available in my free Simple Scarves for the Red Scarf Project. Fabric is attractive hotel room furniture.

Hats for the Homeless – I cranked out a bunch of these over the summer when I had no other knitting mojo.  Any neutral or dark color, simple hat will do.

Promise Blanket – squares for blankets to be donated to a few different causes. Check out Sarah’s page, or the Ravelry Group.

Mitten Fairy – hats and mittens for kids here in very cold St. Paul, Minnesota.

Any donations can be brought to the Yarnery.  I’ll mail the Red Scarves in time, I promise.  Plus, the Yarnery is having a great promotion, a Mitten Fairy punch card. There was a Knitting for Others night last Sunday at the shop with treats and happy, chatty knitters. Fun.  If you are local, watch for a few more of those and come on down.

Remember, you can do this type of knitting all year long and then be really smug and pull out a few items when someone is asking, like you just whipped it up overnight.  Wherever you are, sadly, there is a need. Look on Ravelry, there is surely a group that will move you, or be near where you live  Share your craft.  Have fun.

On the home front, since some have asked, things are moving along.  Best $30 I ever spent at Home Depot? Sheetrock hoist rental.



6 responses to “Knitting for Others

  1. As always, this is a really nice idea. I will commit to making at least one hat and scarf set for a charity my office donates to – a shelter for abused women and children.

  2. We haven’t turned on the heat in the house here either, but it was 40 degrees when I got up this a.m. outside. And snow on the ski hill out to the east I could see from the kitchen window.

    LOTS of good charity suggestions. I might have to take a couple of skeins with me for car knitting next week when I travel.

  3. Its a good thing you can spend your evenings knitting now instead of holding up sheetrock! That’s some great causes you support, and I love that red scarf (v1). Might try that pattern, myself.

  4. Remind us again in January or February about charity knitting — then we can maybe actually DO it all year 🙂 My two red scarves are done but not blocked. I hate to knit thumbs so may not do mittens this year. But as soon as I finish the baby sweater I started last weekend I shall commence knitting hats. I’m glad to read about the Promise Blanket project — good place to use up machine washable ackrylic (happily, I have no scratchy Red Heart). The Yarnery is such a great place.

  5. Thanks for the reminders! I need to start planning my Red Scarf knitting far in advance (as you wisely suggest), as the deadline comes at a rough time. On the other hand, being timed out of the foster care system while (or after) getting through college comes at a rough time, too, inherently, so I’ll start diving for some red yarn!

  6. Ack! My knitting production is pathetic! 😦

    But I have heard nothing but good about sheet rock hoists. 🙂

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