Zippity Do Don’ts

There was a cancellation in Susan Rainey’s Zipper insertion class at the Yarnery, so I got to attend. I have inserted many zippers, both in fabric and in sweaters.  It would be charitable to say the zipper jobs in my sweaters range from crap to barely acceptable.  That’s why I use a facing.

Susan is the QUEEN of finishing.  Her attention to detail and the ability to stick to it amazes me.  For me, F  doesn’t stand for fine finishing, it stands for fudge factor.

I don’t often get to take knitting classes, and it was fun. I was the bad student however.  I cut the zipper in the wrong way, my homework was wrong, and I was even late to class.  (I was buying mousetraps at the hardware store and stopped to check out the sheep in their petting zoo.  Seriously. I think it was some kind of Hallowe’en promotion.)

Even though I was the lame one, I learned some great techniques.  One good tip?  Use thread that matches the zipper, not the sweater. As in, don’t do what is in the photo below.

Since I like zippers in sweaters, I hope I’ll have a chance to test them out.  I have no hope, however, that my zippers will look like Susan’s.   Her zippered sweaters are perfect. Susan also mentioned that Techknitter will have an article in the Winter Interweave Knits on “how to install zippers with absolutely **no** sewing.”  We speculated on what that might possibly be.  I suggested a glue gun, but I may be wrong.  Looking forward to seeing that issue.

Still no frost here.  The weather has been beautiful, and I took a great 5th grader out horseback outing on a gorgeous afternoon a few  days ago.  Here she is trying to turn Nick to the camera.

We went on a trail ride, at one point she looked out over the lake, sighed and said, “I feel like the Queen of the World.”  Don’t you think everyone should get to feel that way sometimes?



16 responses to “Zippity Do Don’ts

  1. They sure should get to feel like that.

  2. I tried the wonder tape on a zipper in a sweater and it worked pretty well! I was totally jealous that you were taking that class, I just need to sign up next time.

  3. I’ve always been too a-feared to even try a zipper in a sweater! 😀

  4. oh that horse shot looks beautiful! I can live with messy inserted zippers (and, I do) but I would like to feel like the Queen of the World on a horse. Usually I feel like Idiot in a Panic.

  5. I will have to remember to look for that issue. You have me curious.

    I used to go to a farm when I was junior high, that had horseback riding trail tours. It’s been a few decades since then, (cough) and I can still remember that feeling.

  6. Perhaps TechKnitter has figured out how to knit a zipper.

  7. You are a Queen of the World to have given her the feeling of being the Queen of the World!

  8. I think that you are wonderful for giving a child that feeling.

    On another note, any craft instructions that require me to “stretch gently” have me panicking. I wish someone would teach me a about zipper insertion!

  9. That must have made you feel like a queen too! Looking forward to Techknitter’s zipper article. I’m with you on finishing. I didn’t even trim the last zipper I put on a bag. The extra bit is still hanging inside the bag!

  10. Yes, I do! And I think sitting on top of a horse is a good way to do it. Putting a zipper in correctly would help, too – I wish I could have taken that class!

  11. Both the zipper class and the ride sound great. I envy you both, but can’t help but think it would be even better to be able to use the words, I feel like I’m queen of the world, after having sewn in a zipper!

  12. I have inserted several zippers; one with success, and I never found out why.

  13. I’ve never put a zipper in anything, so I’ll look forward to the article. Maybe you can use a stapler to put in a zipper?

  14. whoevers kid that is she must be really great to let you take her child for a whole day like that… JK, JK You know I feel like queen of the world to have a friend like you!! Thanks for giving my princess that oh-so-important queeny feeling!

  15. Oh yes, one should try to get that last feeling from time to time! When a knitting comes out perfectly it can pop up too…

  16. I think feeling like Queen of the World, even occasionally, should be required. Awesome.

    Awesome zippers too! I like your technique of using a glue gun. (What? Not a hint? lol)

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