Please send help.  I have so many acorn squash from my garden that I considered handing them out on Halloween.   There was another full bushel basket that was camera shy.

Jocelyn posted a photo of a lovely looking savory squash tart and sent me the recipe.  If anyone has winter squash recipes she is willing to share, I’d love it.

The sweater that is flung over the rickety lawn chair is my garden/barn sweater these days.  I made it about 15 years ago out of sport weight sock yarn, something German.  I bought a whole bag on closeout because I liked the color. It has been machine washed and dried many times and held up well.  I wish I could remember what yarn it was.

Speaking of ancient, I saw this animated version of the Bayeux Tapestry courtesy of Dances with Wools. Yes, I am a history geek, but hey, it is a textile made with wool, after all.



13 responses to “Squashed

  1. Thanks for the link to the animation of the Bayeux Tapestry. I have seen it IRL and it is one of my most precious memories.

  2. Butternuts. Make them butternut squashes and I’ll come take some off of your hands.

  3. That’s a lot of squash! and takes forever to peel & cube , to use like other squashes
    a) Roast halved squashes to sften. carmelize onions& lots of garlic in olive oil, throw in apples & squash & stock. Cook forver till all mushy. Blenmd with some stock, cider & milk to make soup. Freeze it & bring it to holiday parties?
    b) spray paint some gold and use as holiday decorations?

    c) put them out in front of your house with a sign that says “Free, harvest bounty, enjoy!” (did that with peppers a few years ago)

  4. You are clever enough to already have figured this one out, but why not just cut most of them in half, scoop out seeds and bake them, then you can scoop the softened inner pulp and put in freezer bags to use in soups or tarts or mashed or whatever when you’re ready to eat them – they’ll last months and months that way, and one afternoon’s work will make it a lot easier to throw together meals when you’re hungry.

  5. Next year, maybe only one plant?

  6. Seems to me that you could use acorn squash to make a pie the same way you make pumpkin pie. You could maybe take a lot of those squashes to a free food distribution point. That’s a description. I know they have a name but I can’t remember it just now. Not a food closet, or a food kitchen…well. you know what I mean…off to look at the Bayeux tapestry.

  7. You could’ve decorated them and handed them out on Halloween! It would’ve been AWESOME. 🙂

  8. I am not familiar with winter squash – are they more or less delicious than summer squash. I will eat summer squash, but wouldn’t say that I look forward to it.

  9. Cook equal quantities squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. In frying pan, melt together equal quantities butter, honey, and lemon juice, along with some grated fresh ginger root. Mash the vegetables together, then mash in the butter mixture. Tastes like pie filling! A very popular vegetable at our family Thanksgiving. If there are leftovers, mix in a couple of eggs and some milk and bake, with or without a pie crust.

  10. Oh, wow. That is SO cool! I love the Bayeux Tapestry beyond reason, too – I’ll be sharing this with the girls tonight 🙂

    I’ve got another one for you (I don’t know if you eat meat, but here goes). Bake some halved butternut squash (I usually do two) until it’s nice and soft. Meanwhile, cook some chorizo (another spicy sausage would work, out of its casing) in a big pot until it’s browned. Then add the mushed butternut squash, some chicken or turkey broth (to whatever consistency you like your stew) and a big can of drained hominy. Serve with sour cream, green salsa, and corn tortillas. Mmmm…. 🙂

  11. wow…. that is a lot of squash… really, a lot of squash…

    Anyway I like my root vegetables cubed and roasted in the oven with herbs… still I will say…. that is a lot of squash!!!

  12. Is there such a thing as acorn squash butter, like apple butter? I’d make lots of that. 🙂

    Thanks again for coming by ThingsBright. Love, love the tiger hat, so cute. 🙂

  13. Remind me to Trick or Treat at your house next year. Alas, I have no recipes to share with you, I generally halve them, wash the seeds and then throw the halves into the oven with the seeds on a cookie sheet (small) the last few minutes.

    I love that animated Bayeux Tapestry! I have a pattern for a sweater from it that I really wanted to knit for my brother but noooooooo. He wanted the cave paintings. Pfft.

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