So Much for Indian Summer

Thanks for all the squash ideas.  I have a freezer full of roasted squash, my friends have squash, and I still have plenty to test our your recipes.  I took last Friday off, a beautiful Indian Summer day, to help get the garden all cleaned up and ready for winter.  On Saturday, we had our first snowstorm of the season – heavy, wet snow.  I was standing looking out the window feeling all smug and self satisfied about the garden.  Then  BANG – a huge branch from the pine tree (home to the red tailed hawks) snapped off and fell right in front of me.

After teaching Beginning Knitting Monday night, I came home to see this:

I laughed all the way up the driveway.  Mr. Guy isn’t much for holiday decor, but when life hands you pine branches…

And since the mission creep of our home project now includes dreams of  a woodstove, there was also this:

Part of the sales pitch included pointing out to me that we could get one that had “decorative latticework based on a Norwegian sweater pattern.” Seriously.  Now we just have to hope we can put it in without breaking the bank or bribing a building inspector.

I’ve been knitting and designing a few get-warm-and-make-quick-holiday gifts types of patterns.  I’ll get some photos up of those over the weekend, I hope.  No snow in the immediate forecast.



5 responses to “So Much for Indian Summer

  1. I thought going from nearly 70 to snow was a bit cruel…

  2. Ooo! Snow! And pine branches! and wood for fires. Happy things. Now you just need some tea and some yarn and you have the perfect day.

  3. Weather is changing so fast in your part of the world. I am looking forward to seeing your new designs.

  4. Mr. Guy is very practical. Gotta admire him for that.

    It’s been unseasonably warm over here. No snow yet, which is great, since there’s still a lot of garden cleanup to do.

  5. Love the knitting analogy sales pitch. What if retailers catch on to this? We’re goners. “Yes, this car’s engine hoses are reminiscent of a horseshoe cable, just picture it in a nice tweed wool….”

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