One of those weeks…

Sometimes, things work beautifully, seamlessly.  Everyone says yes, there is no traffic, the stitches flow off the needle.  Other times?  I often wonder whether it really is related to biorhythms, the stars and planets working at cross purposes or some kind of secret plot. This past week was not terrible, but little things that make you crazy kept happening.  More plumbing problems (fixed),  having to drive at rush hour in heavy snow, (with the traffic radio dude saying it was the WORST rush hour he had ever seen) and a few other misadventures I won’t bore you with. Finally, I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in the urgent care waiting for Mr. Guy to get  four stitches in his finger. Waiting? This is not a problem for knitters you say.  (I did run back into the house while he was waiting in the car, I didn’t say it was to get my knitting.)  So there I was knitting away on a Christmas gift hat.  A little girl became quite interested in the knitting.  I showed her the hat I had nearly finished. She asked to try it on, and of course I let her.  It should have been HUGE on her 2 year old head, even with the little ponytail. It wasn’t.  I pulled it off the needles, pulled out my tape measure and it was read ’em and weep.  The hat was 17″ instead of 20.”  No one to blame but myself here.  I think I must have done the gauge swatch on a different needle.  Or the swatch just lied, as they so often do.  Sigh.  Rip.  Here it is, in its second incarnation.

It is for the purple and orange girl, of course.

Then I finished the button band on my Acorns sweater, made with the perfect color red in Cascade Ecowool. It’s getting rather chilly here, and it seems like such a sweater would be handy to have around.

When I first started this top down pattern, Theresa took one look and said that the neckline was going to be too big.  I never listen, do I?  I checked out the finished ones on Ravelry and most of them looked fine.  Several people said after blocking everything worked out.  So I kept knitting.  I picked up stitches for the buttonband, and it still looked big.  But blocking was going to fix it, right?  Wrong.

A worsted wool decolletage effect isn’t what I was going for. I’m too tangled up in Christmas knitting (and a teeny bit demoralized)  to tackle this right now, but I think I can salvage the sweater by taking out the buttonband and severely decreasing around the neck when I redo it.  I also think I may put in a zipper instead of buttons.  Opinions?

Hope your knitting is going more smoothly than mine!



15 responses to “One of those weeks…

  1. Orange and purple? Looks more orange and blue to me, which is just fine (Oskee-wow-wow, Illinois!)

    I’m sorry about the neckline of your Acorns sweater (which is in my queue) — but I love the color! I’ve got credit at the LYS – may have to see if they have Ecowool….

  2. Re: the too-small hat. Aren’t you glad you found out now instead of on Christmas morning when she [tried to] put it on? Re: the sweater. How do you feel about wearing it over a t-neck?

  3. I love it when I press on an ignore the tiny alarm bells that I hear ringing. Knitter’s denial much? Hope that next week is better for you!

  4. I wish I could tell you it’s Mercury in retrograde, but that doesn’t happen until Friday. Maybe things will re-align, but I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way at this end for whatever reason. 😛

  5. You know, I am going through the same sorts of things. So when you find whatever it is that’s messing with your mojo, smack it for me too please. Sending tea and sympathy your way.

  6. Ummm… that neckline would look very nice with a turtleneck shirt under it.

    I’m just sayin’

    Good luck with your decision.

  7. You have had a Tycho Brahe´s day. It is a Danish expression if you have ‘bad luck` day . The pattern of your blue and orange hat made me take a closer look. Cool !

  8. Definitely a Secret Plot.
    Gauge lies like a rug.
    Oh noes! But I’m heartened to see someone else likes orange/purple.
    Darn those necklines. Wouldn’t buttons pull it in more than a zipper? Even after the stern frogging & reknitting?

  9. I had that week too, same gestalt, different details. Planetary I think!
    Despite the gusge goddess biting your ass, both of those knits a lovely. Its hard to tell from that photo but I kind of like the “jewel” neckline. Very Sundance/Eileen Fisher-y. Can you add anything to draw it in just a touch? A round of crochet? Also like the zipper idea.

  10. Sorry, That was the GAUGE GODDESS and the knit ARE lovely.

  11. BUMMER about the sweater. 😦

    I hope you’re happily knitting or reading and sipping hot beverages right now. 🙂

  12. Oh, I’m sorry. I recognize that demoralized feeling. The sweater is just absolutely gorgeous, but you’re right, the neckline needs to be a bit…less. I wonder if picking up stitches around the neckline and adding a little something up there while decreasing would work? I do like the idea of a zipper, though. I hope all goes more smoothly and that the stitched finger heals well and quickly!

  13. I had a Friday morning like that, which was quite enough. I hope serenity has arrived now. And in case you’re in any doubt, the swatch lied.

    Thanks for putting the snow on: I meant to do that and forgot – rectified now, thanks to you. So something’s gone right.

  14. I hear you! This evening I’ve been dropping off to sleep over the plain socks I’m making. In January, I’m planning on spending some time on pointless small projects like mittens: NaKniMitMo!

    What if you knit a huge shawl collar to cover up that neckline?

  15. An idea? For the red sweater? Wear a lovely scarf – maybe a Coquille around the neck during the holidays the holidays and then re-group in January?

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