Procrastination Must Be Genetic

I recently rediscovered my great-grandmother’s handwritten recipe for plum pudding.  This was mailed from Galway, Ireland to my grandmother in New Jersey sometime in the early years of the 20th Century.  My grandmother  mailed it to my mother many years later, and I used to look at it in my mother’s ‘recipe box‘ and speculate about the identity of Sultanas.  Anything with such a beautiful name must be the truly mysterious magic ingredient for a plum pudding.  So disappointing to discover they were only white raisins. And why were there no plums in plum pudding?

My plan for Christmas gifts this year was to scan and make nice copies of the recipe, maybe with a photo of my grandmother and get them framed for the family.  Sadly, these scans are all the progress I have made. I take heart that my Grandmother would approve, however, since I found this note from her to my mother on the back of the recipe:

Maybe if I start now I can send them off for Little Christmas.  I hope all of your planning and packing are moving ahead smoothly.  Or better yet, all is done and you are relaxing with your feet up and knitting something without a deadline.


10 responses to “Procrastination Must Be Genetic

  1. I’ve never had plum pudding, have you?

  2. What a gorgeous gift. And it don´t have to be Christmas to pass on this lovely recipe.. Or perhaps next Christmas. The handwriting is so similar to my grandparents´.

  3. We call them sultanas in Australia and they are smaller than raisins. No plums in our plum puddings either, but plenty of other good stuff!

  4. This is why we so often end up sending out New Year’s cards, or, even more often, MLK cards. If only it were genetic, though – my mother is almost appallingly organized. Sigh…

  5. The recipe says “Stone the raisins.” Imagine that. For some reason I think that we also put grated carrots in our pudding as well.

    Merry Christmas, Mary Lou!

  6. My feet are up as I frantically try to finish knitting something!

  7. Lovely project. And timing doesn’t really matter, does it. I am knitting aimlessly. I’ve given up on completing anything by the ‘deadline.’

  8. I’m ignoring my deadlines. Maybe they’ll go away. Procrastination is definitely genetic.

    The scanned recipes would make a fabulous gift! Next Christmas? My mother copied her mother’s poems and put them in a binder for my aunt’s 69th birthday. (Mind you, my mother kept the originals.)

    Which reminds me. Grandma has an eggnog recipe, I should make it tonight.

  9. What a treasure – to have the recipe in her own hand plus the bonus note on the back!

  10. The handwriting of each generation is interesting, isn’t it. Do preserve these recipes and scraps of paper. A friend of mine in Dublin recently had her grandmother’s recipes all as originally written, bound and printed in a nice volume. A book to treasure.

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