Japan Earthquake Relief

It’s sad to have to keep having relief drives, isn’t it?  However, I have been waffling on this only because I’ve been busy (really, in my nice safe warm world) plus  I couldn’t decide which organization should get the money.  Dumb.  I  give to Doctors Without Borders every month, so that seems simplest.  Anyway, from Now until April 15 100% of my online pattern sales will go to Japanese Earthquake Relief.  Maybe you want to make a shawl/scarf?

Or a nice cozy cowl for next winter?

I don’t expect to raise the kind of dough that those Mason Dixon gals do, but hey, every little bit help.  So please look at my online patterns on either Ravelry or Patternfish and if any interest you, click buy now!  I promise the funds will go to a good organization.

Check out this cute pattern, a Japanese relief fundraiser offered by Kumiko, a Japanese knitter living it Atlanta.

There is a thread right now on Ravelry with other patterns, too, so go shopping.  Buy a pattern!  It doesn’t matter who the designer is, the cause is a good one.

9 responses to “Japan Earthquake Relief

  1. I’ll mention this Friday.

  2. I bought one of your lace scarf patterns. Um, and I will surely get around to knitting it one day!

  3. What a lovely thing to do.

  4. Absolutely a good cause! Tomorrow I will draw winners for my March giveaway (see 2/26/11 post, “Drumroll, please…”), one person will win a pattern that is in support of the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. I will give another pattern supporting Japan relief next month; I’ll check out the Yarnerina’s patterns for that purpose.

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  6. Thanks for passing on the link. And for reminding us that we can all do a little.

  7. You’re right, it is! Thanks for doing this – I’ve bought a couple of patterns, and tonight we’ll be donating directly to DWB. Thanks for the reminder to do this NOW, no matter how busy I am.

  8. Just bought Neap Tide because you know I always need more sock-yarn-shawl patterns! 😉

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