Signs of Spring

I’ve been spending very little time  at the computer due to a shoulder injury that aggravated existing overuse problems.  I am on the mend, albeit slowly, and wanted to show that Spring really has arrived at last.  Sure signs of Spring in my world:

The daffodils are coming up as well, I can’t wait.  Spring in the horse world means babies!  Meet Charlie:

He isn’t mine of course, but oh -so- sweet.

The spring Garage Sale at the Textile Center of Minnesota is April 16.  I went to drop off some yarn donations and catch the last day of the Knitted Shawls exhibit.  I especially wanted to see Susan Rainey’s two shawls, and are they gorgeous!  (What else would one expect?)  Then I saw a beautiful shawl that had a familiar look.

Someone used one of my patterns, how exciting!  I took a picture that included the card with the name of the knitter, but the resolution with the camera phone isn’t enough to show it.  Darn – I must be watching too many police procedural TV shows.  Why, on CSI this card would not only reveal the name of the knitter and the yarn she used, but whether she picks or throws,  how many hours it took to knit, and what surface she used for blocking.   Also at the Textile Center – Spring Yarn Bombing – the phonecam works better outside.

Spring means Summer class planning for my classes at the Yarnery.  I am doing a Beginning Knitting in two sessions using a dishcloth.  I wanted a pattern that would start with knitting, progress to stockinette, add some ribbing, repeat a few times and bind off.  I didn’t find one in the patterns available at the shop, so I wrote this up, I think it will fit the bill, and took less than one skein of Tahki Cotton Classic.

This blue was difficult to photograph.  I need Gale!  I hear she may be in the Twin Cities this summer, so check with the Yarnery in case they can get her to do a workshop.  She is for sure coming in September to teach at The CreativeConnection.

Another item found on the camera phone – happy hour grocery shopping in Virginia. I picked up a few items at a store near my cousin’s house and saw this:

In Minnesota you can’t even buy wine in the grocery store by the bottle, never mind by the glass on the premises.  The server was amused.

12 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Ok, I laughed out loud at your observations about CSI – you mean that’s not a real representation of the state of the art? I’m so disappointed 😉

    But not at all disappointed in the shawl – how fun to see one of your patterns in the wild, on the hoof, as it were! And speaking of hooves, I very much like your signs of spring.

  2. I laughed at the happy hour shopping. How civilized!

  3. I’m cheered that you have some flowers! The boxelder between our building and the next is in a warmer microclimate than other plants in my neighborhood – it got buds yesterday!

    That foal is so cute!!

  4. We have spring too! It’s a lovely season, isn’t it?

  5. Charlie is a darling! What type of horse is he, do you know?

    • PS: meant to tell you to come out to California. We’re in the midst of spring AND you can buy wine in the grocery stores!

  6. Didn´t you get warm inside when you saw the shawl, like meeting a dear friend in a foreign country 🙂 Take good care of your arm.

  7. Lovely chance meeting with the shawl. Mind the shoulder – like mind the gap in the London Underground.

  8. p.s. to my comment above – I have a sort of heat sausage that I put in the microwave and then drape over my shoulders. That has helped my shoulder problem a lot, particularly at night. It really is quite cozy. It was recommended by the physiotherapist.

  9. Thanks for the Shout out ML, the Creative Connection event in St Paul is Sept 15-18th, I teach on the 16th–and I think the class signups go live later this week. My day of teaching is sponsored by Vogue Knitting, la-di-da!!

    Fun post- all that good knitting and a cute critter (a foal?). Being a big NCIS fan, its the huge transparent screen that they put images up on in LA and in Abby’s lab in DC that I want. (um, not that I watch it all the time or anything…..)

  10. ML, hope that your shoulder is feeling better by now! Thanks for the signs of Spring…

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