No Swag, Just Germs

I got back from TNNA bringing home primarily a nasty case of bronchitis.  I  had a good laugh when I saw this in my hotel room – it didn’t smell like sesame seeds.

I had a giddy moment of being star struck – I got to meet and chat with Barbara Walker, mostly about our shared New Jersey life and her new book:

Speaking of new books, my other thrill was seeing one of my designs on the cover of a new book, due out in September, by the fabulous Gale Zucker:

And on the home front, the hawk babies took their first flights last week and are now exploring the yard and the ‘hood.  We call this one Stoopid, as in his smarter sister should have a T-Shirt that says, “I’m with Stupid.”  He had just got stuck in the raspberry bushes and required a boost out so the berries would survive.

It is fascinating to see how the parents interact, feed and cajole them.  I never thought of birds as being rational sentient beings until I got tuned into Red Tail TV.  (That’s what we call sitting outside watching the action – all Red Tails, All the Time.)  I suppose I was a mammalist, but I’ve been converted.


10 responses to “No Swag, Just Germs

  1. Sorry to hear about the bronchitis – I hope you recover quickly!

    Congrats about your pattern on the book’s cover! And oh so cool to have gotten to chat with BW.

    Hawk babies! Love. 🙂

  2. Which mitten is yours? Never thought of BW as an author beyond knitting books. How closed minded of me. Are you better yet?

  3. So, looks like you had a good time, then, apart from the germs.

  4. Congrats on the mitten-on-book-cover! Which mitten is yours? I very much want to take one of Gale Zucker’s workshops this summer and your link was a welcome reminder. I didn’t realize that BW wrote anything but knitting books either — fascinating. Hope you’re feeling better. The Red Tail TV made me smile!

  5. Ooo, bronchitis, my sympathies. Get well soon!
    Congrats on the mittens and meeting Barbara Walker. Sounds like a good trip, outside of the brochitis that is.
    And hey, he’s not stoopid, he’s just a late bloomer and I bet he’s more entertaining than his sister too! Poor mite. Wish I had me some red tail TV, even with a late bloomer.

  6. Interesting trip Meg. Pity about the bronchitis. Nasty.

  7. Ooh, wow. Barbara Walker. I was pretty star-struck when I met her, too, and we didn’t get to have a long conversation. I’m definitely going to have to get her new book (must check to see if it’s available on the nook, for travelling). Congratulations on the front page placement! That’s really exciting 🙂 Which one is yours? And finally, we’re big bird people around here, too – our entertainment in the summer consists of crows harrassing red-tail hawks into leaving them alone.

  8. It must be fantastic to be so close to the hawks. My sister is a ornithologist and has a large pair of binoculars. But it is tiring to look through.

  9. That bird is enormous. How many are there in your garden? I hope the bronchitis is long gone now.

  10. “Mammalist” — lol!

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