What’s in a knitter’s pockets?

I was at work, wearing a nice pair of linen dress pants, and felt something in one of the pockets – I tell you, little boys have nothing on us.  Frankly, I’m surprised there weren’t some stitch markers in there as well.

That is Pediboo, my new favorite yarn.  I am crocheting a many colored baby blanket in squares.  They are NOT granny squares, Gale.  I can’t show it because the intended recipient checks this blog.  Well, the intended recipient is in the uterus of the blog checker, to be precise.  I forgot how fast crocheting is compared to knitting.  Sewing all those squares together, however, took some of the wind out of my sails.  Well, what are godmothers for, after all, if not crafting their fingers to the bone for lovely baby presents.

For instance, this is the first knitted gift I made for blog checker when she was one.

You can tell because she loved holding up her finger to show she was one.  It is not a new iphone app jazzing up a picture to look all vintage and cool.  It is vintage and cool.   Well, at least it is vintage.  As I recall, it was an EZ circular yoke, with charts I found in a 1940’s pattern booklet.  It may have also been my first attempt at steeking.  If you click to embiggen, you can see it is not exactly perfect.  I think my sister still has it, so maybe this little one can wear it as well.

The pocket contents picture was taken with my phone.  This next picture was taken with my new camera.  I finally broke down and got a digital SLR, as the prices for entry level versions have dropped quite a bit since I last checked.  I only wish I had gotten it earlier in the summer for more HawkCam.

(In case you are wondering, it is a squirrel snack under her feet.) The kids have been scarce in the past few days.  Mr. Guy is worried, since we haven’t seen Stoopid at all for two days.  “I bet he got his ass in a jam.”  Big sigh. “I knew we should have gotten them cell phones.”


12 responses to “What’s in a knitter’s pockets?

  1. Lovely cardigan on the one year old. New camera results are impressive.

  2. travellersyarn

    Eek, a squirrel snack. I forget that birds can be such carnivores.

    I find stitch markers all over the house, not to mention the tape measures. I truly love the cardigan – there must be a big gap between the siblings?

  3. Nice yarn, the sheen really pops.

    Very cool. Is that vintage? It can’t be. I’m not that old. In my dreams.

    Speaking of, squirrels are just rats with fancy tails. Still.

  4. YOU are vintage and cool, MLE!

  5. Vintage in a better-and-better-with-time way.

  6. Why am I surprised that you should have to point out that the picture really is vintage?

    Yes, you should have gotten the camera earlier! I’ve been wondering about Stoopid. I feel a strange affinity for that bird. I hope he gets his ass out of the jam.

    Stitch markers. I’ve almost always got a stitch marker somewhere on my person. I’m afraid dog paraphenalia wins out though. I’ve ALWAYS got a pair of tick tweezers on me.

  7. That hawk photo is really pro. I do not know what a SLR camera is but I suddenly feel an urgent need to get one.

  8. Was that old picture taken in Ottawa?

  9. You are cracking me up here with the hawk comments — cell phones, indeed! Pediboo is nice stuff; I made a pair of mitten for myself (the inner mitts of Dimorphous Mittens) from it last winter and still have a whole skein left.

  10. I love it! I’m trying to imagine where the hawklets (hawklings?) would put the phone when they’re flying about, searching for squirrel snacks… I also love the sweater, and the idea of it gracing another generation of proud one-year-olds.

  11. Now that we have electricity again I am catching up on blogs and wondering why you deny the granny square so vigorously. Didn’t Billy Shakespeare have something to say about people who protest just a little too much? You know you want to make some.
    ps mighty cute baby & sweater, and sounds like a swell vacation visit!

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