CraftActivism is in the House

In my house, anyway.  Get one for yours!

My copy of the book arrived in the mail and it is really a fun, attractive book.  Not just because my mittens are on the cover, either.  There is a wonderful blanket pattern from the log cabin-crazed Mason Dixon Knitting women, Fussy Cuts, that is on my list for sure.  Ruth Marshall’s knitted reproductions of animal skins put my Tiger Hat to shame.  When things slow down a teeny bit, I’m going to have a drawing for a book and a yarn pack for the mittens, so stay tuned.

I’ve been working my real job like a fool this month.  Somehow, work keeps me missing out on all the knitting fun.  I was in Portland for work the week before Sock Summit.  I was just in Los Angeles the week before Vogue Knitting Live.  Oh, well.  I did see the stars heading to the Emmys at the Staples Center, which was right next door to my hotel.  I didn’t recognize anyone but it was fun to watch all the action.  And I have to say about LA in general – sisters, what’s with those shoes?

I have never seen such high heels on everyday office workers.  I mentioned this to one of the locals, asking how women walk in them.  She assured me, “This is LA.  We don’t walk anywhere.”   I had hoped to spend some time reading and blogging in my hotel room, but since September is the month of all my deadlines, I spent that time preparing my PowerPoint presentation for my session.  (Job counting, anyone?)  I am not a fan of PowerPoint.  For those who don’t work in an office environment and are not bombarded with it constantly, consider yourselves lucky.  (I know you can’t read these slides, but…)  Other presenters just stand there and read from the slides.  I can read, thanks, talk to me.  So, I made a little slide to slip into my presentation:

I was told by a few people that they wanted to nominate my presentation for best PowerPoint of the conference.  Another young woman told me “That was so DORKY.  I loved it.”  Dorky is closer to the truth, for sure.  At least I get to knit during these sessions.  I’m currently knitting to a deadline, which is not my favorite thing.

I donate a knitted item to the scholarship silent auction every year at this conference, and it always makes me happy to see how much people like the item, and a little sad that they never go for enough money.  This year the lace stole in Madelinetosh Laceweight went for $60.  Sigh.  At least someone I like very much won it for his wife.



13 responses to “CraftActivism is in the House

  1. You just get more and more awesome!
    I love your Power Point slide. You would prefer the SmartBoards that we use at school. They are way more interactive than PP.
    Also, our youngest is going to college outside of LA. She loves those high, high heels.
    Really, what is with that?

  2. I had forgotten about those mittens of yours, and of course that blanket is fab. Ordering now.

  3. Cool to see your mittens on the cover!

    *shakes head about them not walking anywhere*

  4. That book looks fascinating 😀 Those heels look dangerous !!

  5. Good to find you blogging again. Nice mittens. I’ll look out for that book.

  6. Powerpoint: Bane of my working life. Why is it that all the men feel compelled to put the simplest of information into a powerpoint presentation that takes three times as long to get through as it would on a normal sheet of paper? They don’t seem to realize that it doesn’t make them look professional; it just makes them look like pretentious gits. OmmmmmmmmtherearenopowerpointpresentationsathomeorontheweekendsOmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Sorry, I really do loath Powerpoint, just in case you couldn’t tell. There are reasons people refer to them as PeePee presentations.

    Yep, I grew up watching women wear those shoes and it really is because they never walk anywhere, although many of them still regret it in their old age. Last time I was home I went into The Bone Store to get my inserts and he congratulated me on my ugly Keens. Half his business is catering to women with high heal damage.

  7. I have pretty much stopped using Power Point entirely. It’s largely a distraction for the audience. The last time I used it to great effect, I was trying to get a group of librarians into the book stacks to do a project. IMy slides consisted entirely of crazy photos of book spines which made them all immediately rush out and do start the project.

  8. I want to join the PPLF!

  9. So many things to love in this post! A) You are SO right about the shoes – I am always surprised again when I go to LA (in my sensible Dansko clogs) and see them (I have to remind myself not to feel clunky), and B) I adore that slide in your powerpoint, and completely agree with you that reading from powerpoint slides it not the proper (if there is one) use of the medium – makes me NUTS. Glad you got to knit, though, and I hope your deadline is met and you can have some quiet time.

    Meanwhile – I need a copy of that book!!

  10. The skyscraper heels — I thought women had risen above that (yeah, I crack myself up).
    Reading PP slides should be grounds for being hit with a water balloon from the audience; I volunteer to fill the balloons. One of the best PP rules I ever heard was that there should never be more than six words on a slide. A friend told me recently that ministers even use PP in church! Gah.
    I just donated to the Red Scarf Fund because Norma is giving away a copy that book. If I don’t win hers I shall enter your contest 🙂

  11. I don’t know what it is about the shoes. Walking comfortably is a core competency for me.

    I do powerpoint slides for lectures – I think that I’m helping students (at least with case and legislation names). Reading from them would make everyone nighmarishly bored.

  12. PS. Congratulations on the book! Love the mittens – can you believe it, I’ll be knitting my first pair soon – my MIL will be in Canada in January and will certainly need a pair.

  13. Your mittens make the book.

    Those heels! I was in Nordstrom’s (for the first time in ages) and not only were most of the shoes that height, most of the women were wearing them. I was in my lovely deck shoes. So happy that I’m not a slave to fashion…..

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