Happy to be Home

I am happy to be home after a trip to Victorian times.  While in New Jersey visiting family, we got walloped by a Nor’easter.  Snow in October.  Heavy, wet snow.  There were trees down, power lines down, phone lines down.  Crazy!

From Saturday, and still, as of this morning,   my sister has no power.  Fortunately, she has a woodstove, a gas cooktop, and gas hot water, so we were fine.  We were, however, all in the house for several days — everyone who had come on Saturday to see us.  My sister and her husband, my niece and her husband (I officiated at their wedding) and little Minerva (part of the impetus for the trip.) There was also a sister-in-law, and her 3 kids (7-year old twins, and and 11 year old.)  And three giant, smelly labs..  I don’t have many photos because my iphone wouldn’t charge in the gadget they had, so I kept it of most of the time to save it for emergencies. I did manage this one, though.

There were lots of tree branches down to be cut, and food in the freezer and fridge to deal with, and wiring to re-attach to the house. My job was child distraction.

After too many games of Sorry, they told me they wanted to learn to knit.  I had only some 2.75 Addi Turbos and sport weight yarn, not a great combo for the new knitter, especially kids.  A bit of rummaging in my sister’s craft stuff revealed some ancient worsted, one skein of white and one skein of black.  We made needles with chopsticks, sanding them down and polishing them with waxed paper.  (Very Little House on the Prairie.  If Ma and Pa Ingalls had ordered Chinese take out a frequently. )  Then we made bookmarks.

You cast on about 20 stitches, knit a row, have the kids knit a few rows, then bind off.  I taught them to braid and gave them some of my colorful yarn for the braid on the bottom of the bookmark.  It really helps if instead of a dumb little piece of knitting, their first project actually has an identity.  You could call it a doll scarf, as well, I suppose, but when you get to see it peeking out of Mom’s current book, it is really awesome.

The twins are a boy and a girl.  Nick was the better knitter and took to it with a great deal of enthusiasm.  After three bookmarks, Mr. Guy suggested we try a finger puppet.  Genius!  Nick knitted a small rectangle,  (surprisingly similar to the bookmark) and  we sewed up both sides and decorated it.  He bent some black pipe cleaner for a tail and we  clipped some bits from a little fireplace broom for whiskers.   Meet my newest knitting convert and his Kitty finger puppet.

Their big brother (he learned to knit from me about 5 years ago, and promptly forgot) also got into the act.  “Oh man, “ he told me., “This is totally addicting. Thanks for teaching me to knit again.”  It was really fun to see them help each other without fighting.

On Monday, which was Halloween, school was closed, trick or treating had been postponed, and the kids were really getting antsy.   Nick wanted to go to a yarn store for ‘better colors and real needles.’  We called a few, squandering the remaining power on my cell phone, but all their phones were out as well.  We told him the yarn stores were all closed due to the weather.  “But it’s a beautiful day today!”  Then we talked about not having power in the shop.  “They can open the doors for light.”  Then we talked about how probably only stores with things people really needed were open.  “But I NEED YARN!”  Yep, he’s a knitter.    I’ve promised a box of yarn.  I’d better go shopping.


13 responses to “Happy to be Home

  1. What an experience! It looks like there was fun to be had despite the difficulty.

  2. Very Little House on the Prairie. If Ma and Pa Ingalls had ordered Chinese take out a frequently.

    Love that!

    I’m glad you survived the ordeal – I’m sure you returned home with a renewed appreciation for our 21st century luxuries, huh?

  3. Good for you to improvise in the way you did. Hooray.

  4. I love it! Sounds like you’ve created another generation of knitters – nicely done (and well-survived – what a weekend!).

  5. A lad after my own heart ! And all that snow !!

  6. Sounds like fun, and I hope that dealing with all the food in the fridge and the freezer wasn’t too much of a chore 🙂

  7. What a great story – the creation of knitters, perfectly written. I also loved the line about “little house on the prairie”. Can’t wait until my girls get to read it.

  8. Love this story! Ha, Littlle House on the Priaire meets Kung Pao Chicken meets Elizabeth Zimmerman by the woodstove.

  9. Great story! And new knitters — awesome!

  10. Cool! What a great thing to come out of having a bad storm. Almost makes one want to get snowed in.

  11. More knitters! Yay!

  12. What a lucky bunch of kids to have you in charge of entertainment during the storm and its aftermath!

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