12th Night 2012

I like putting all those matching numbers in there.  Happy 2012.  The tree came down tonight.  It was another small odd ball of a tree, but it fit perfectly in the bay window.

This little horse is intended to be on a candy cane,  making a hobby horse.  My 2nd grade teacher made one for each student in her class, every year, for many, many years.  He doesn’t really fit on the candy canes you find these days, but I love that I still have him and that he hangs on my tree every year. Mrs. Sutman would be proud.

No actual gift making action photos this year, but here’s a group shot, anyway.   Another crazy, last minute madhouse.  Like always.

I recently found a BBC podcast called Coast and Country.  I was sent a link to a horse-related story, then spotted this: 29 Dec 11: Gansey.  “Helen Mark looks at an unusual way of safeguarding Scotland’s fishing heritage.”  It was a bit disappointing from a knitter’s point of view, but still worth spending a few minutes listening to a non-knitter’s take on the project.

Listening to it reminded me of a project I’ve had in mind for a while – turning a gansey I made about 15 years ago  into a cardigan.  I know I’d wear it more if it were a cardigan.

The overall pattern I developed following directions in the excellent Beth Brown- Reinsel book on Ganseys.  I used Mrs. Laidlaw’s pattern from Gladys Thompson’s Ganseys and Arans, which I painstakingly charted from line by line instructions for the body.  No doubt it is readily available in charted form now, but it was a good undertaking for my early attempts at following charts.

I  have plenty of the yarn left. I ordered it from Bendigo Woolen Mills in Australia. I’m not sure why, but I do remember it was done using the internet before it had pictures multimedia graphical user interface .  (I’m not making that up, youngsters. Mosaic was around, but I didn’t have access to it.)  I overestimated, and ordered about twice as much as I actually needed.  I’ve made a few other small items and still have lots of this yarn in my stash.

So, if that sort of crazy cutting and sewing interests you, stay tuned.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.



9 responses to “12th Night 2012

  1. Saved from the 2nd grade? What a little treasure. Looks like you were having fun on the day of the picture.

  2. Happy New Year!! Wow, you ordered something off the internet using that text browser, Lynx?! Hardcore, you. 🙂

  3. Happy new year from Norway!!

  4. Cutting and sewing? I want to see!

  5. Wow. Good luck with the pullover-into-cardigan thing. I have no doubts you will succeed.

  6. What a great picture of all of you – your place looks like a fun place to be! And I’m looking forward to hearing about the cutting and sewing – remodeling knitting is always an interesting job, and that is a lovely gansey.

  7. Belated happy New Year! Looks like your house is a good place to be at Christmas. Love the Gansey. What weight is that? I’m looking for a good gansey/aran pattern for a sport weight yarn.

  8. I love that you still have the candy cane horse!
    Oh yeah, that kind of crazy cutting is right up my alley. I can’t wait to see.

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