Is something retrograde?

I was planning a perfectly-executed knitting remodel (thanks, Jocelyn, for the language) of my gansey.  This weekend, however, had other plans, and all I have to demonstrate is how easy it is to make mistakes, and the longer you have been knitting, the easier it is.  I have a knitting friend who is also a stunt woman, and she says the stunts you get hurt on are the ones you do so often they are second nature.  You just forget to pay attention.  I clearly have not been paying attention.  Here’s a shot of the gansey, with some nice bright yellow basted down the center cutting line.  I wondered whether to hand or machine sew on either side of the line, deciding that small machine stitches would make most sense here, since it isn’t a nice, flat stockinette steek .  That way the stitches would be good and tight and never go anywhere.  Ever.  Thank goodness I remembered to photograph it for the blog…

since that is the BACK of the sweater.  At least I saw it while taking the photo and before I started flashing the scissors around.  Picking out the small machine stitches was a real treat.

Next up was a pair of socks that was, if truth be told, only 1.5 socks.  Sometime last year I set them aside, mostly because I wasn’t enjoying the needles I was working with.  (More on those later in the week, I hope.) I gritted my teeth and set to the second sock.  It was taking FOREVER.  It also seemed wide, but given the needles and the fact that I started it last year, I thought it was my gauge, so I knit tighter.  That made it really super fun.  I finally counted the stitches in preparation for turning the heel.

Yes.  22 stitches more than needed.  Certainly 22 sts more than sock number one. I considered just leaving it that way, since they were for me, but  decided that was just plain lazy and stupid.  So I cast on for a new second (third?) sock.  This time, I used different needles.  I may be a slow learner, but eventually I get there. I also took the socks to Week Two of my beginning knitting class for show and tell.  I think they enjoy seeing that I just don’t sit around all smarmy turning out perfectly-knit items.  Or maybe it just makes them fear they will end up like me.  If that’s the case, a cautionary tale is always a good thing.

Then on Monday, a day off,  both the kitchen sink and utility sink (where the washer drains) backed up.  After a couple of hours, I was all for calling in the professionals, but them are fighting words around here.  Many hours later (“Run more water in the other sink.  Can you go to the store and get another snake? OK, pull the plug.  Yell down when the sink is empty.”) we had clear running drains.  I would still have preferred that the plumber do it while I sat around knitting and waiting to write a check.  I won’t even talk about the banking/download mishaps.  Are the planets aligned again?  Can I try to cut the gansey?  Stay tuned.



9 responses to “Is something retrograde?

  1. Don’t know about the retrograde thing, but can relate to all of the drama…

  2. Yikes!! Maybe you should just stay under the covers for the next week or so, to be safe.

  3. Oh no! Good thing you caught it! That sounds like something I’d do.
    And yes. Retrograde. Or something. Glad the drains are fixed. We just had that drama but tempered by calling in the professional. We “helped” him though. 🙂

  4. That is the reason why I am so afraid of steeking! Glad to hear that v experienced knitters still make stupid mistakes. I am on sock two of some simple Nancy Bush ribber socks and have just figured out that I seemed to have changed patterns half way through the first sock. Am now trying to reverse engineer it….

  5. See? Blogging is a good thing! I’m glad you caught it before you cut. I’m also sure your students love to hear about your imperfections. I know you just made me feel a lot better – I just nearly finished a front side of my lastest cardigan only to realize that I had knit two left sides. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who doesn’t pay attention.

  6. Ah, these stories do warm my heart, I’m sorry to say.

  7. Eek! I’m so glad you caught the back/front error – can you imagine? Double eek! I also appreciate your sharing these tales with us – it is good to know that an amazing knitter like you can still do these things, it makes us mortal knitters feel better 🙂

  8. I know what you and your friend the stuntwoman mean about messing up on the easy stuff! At least you caught a break on the sweater – you spotted the error before you cut. The rest of your list of mishaps had the effect of cheering me up, in a “misery loves company” kind of way, as I just banged up my car today; it had to be towed to a body shop. . .

  9. Your husband and my husband = separated at birth. Never, ever hire a professional if you can procrastinate on the project yourself.

    Your steeking story gives me the shivers…

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