Spring? Winter?

This late winter/early spring weather has been so schizophrenic – one day it is 38F and then it’s 75F.  Good thing one of our rehab projects has included the stove – here’s a new photo with the radiator covers.  Grainy but we shows we are making progress!

Warm days meant fulfilling a promise to take a certain two-year old to the barn.  She was so excited to “see a big horse” but the reality was a bit overwhelming.  It’s much safer to pet them from up high:

The best part was when she got on the horse, and yelled “I cowgirl. Yeehah!”

I have been going to the barn, too.  I miss Holley, but I love horses, and one barn buddy has more horses than she can handle, so I’m working with this 6-year old Norwegian Fjord mare. She has a lot to learn about manners, but she is making progress. Which is the best any of us can hope for, isnt’ it?

7 responses to “Spring? Winter?

  1. I’m sure you miss Holley deeply, but it’s good to know you have the company of other horses. The Norwegian Fjord mare (I haven’t heard of her breed before) is lovely, and who is the horse receiving a pat on the nose?

  2. What stashdragon wrote!

    Also, missing the forecast high by 30F yesterday?! Sheesh. We’ll see if they get a bit closer today…

  3. oooh she’s a beauty-what’s her name?

  4. I am with the 2 year old on top of the tractor! Despite growing up in a farming community, I’ve always been afraid of horses. Silly, I know. Real none the less.
    That horse in the bottom photo looks lovely. But I am still a fraidy cat!

  5. I dunno, wood burner and horses. Can I move in with you? That Norwegian Fjord mare is gorgeous. I hope you can teach her enough to be able to enjoy her. Holly would want you to give your love and aid to another I’m sure.

  6. She’s lovely – I’m glad that you are getting to work with her (and yes, small gains in manners are sometimes the best we can hope for!). I know what you mean about schizophrenic weather, we’re the same way here, and I can’t decide whether I should be feeling like it’s spring, or like it’s winter!

  7. Love the woodstove. We wished we could have done that, but a gas insert in the fireplace had to suffice. I’m glad you’re back to the barn too!

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