Wearwithall the book is here!

The result of a year of hard work  and lots of fun has arrived from the printer.  It is so exciting!!  Wearwithall Knits for Your Life.  The book is a collaboration with friends, and photographed by a friend, the fabulous Gale Zucker. Designers (in addition to “The Team”) include Gretchen Funk, Martha Alvarado and Peggy Lexau.

The book was tech edited by Theresa Gaffey, Donna Druchunas and the intrepid Ellen Silva.  (Who also served as jill of all trades during the photo shoot.)  So many great knitters were involved with project, test knitting and giving feedback.  The Yarnery owners have supported the project.   Thanks everybody!

9 responses to “Wearwithall the book is here!

  1. Congratulations! Hope it’s eventually available here too!

  2. Congratulations Mary Lou.

  3. I took 24 hours, but the penny just dropped on the name. :0) Sometimes I really am very blonde. Clever!

  4. Wow, it looks great! Well done!

  5. How did I miss so many posts here! I’m hopeless, clearly.

    So glad I caught this one, huge congratulations on the publication 😀

  6. Talk about excitement! This is fantastic! Congratulations!!!

  7. Hooray! What a fabulous team – how could it be anything but a wild success? Now to get my hands on one.. 🙂

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