Crochet Adventures

I am suddenly surrounded by friends and family having babies.  So much fun, and most of these babies need blankets.  I decided that this was a time to break out the stash and bust it good.  I’ve knitted a few (I’m on my fourth Wearwithall Baby Blanket) and decided that some of the smaller amounts of cottons might work best in a crocheted square of some sort.  It’s intended for an August baby girl (hey, like me!) so it could have some holes in it.

I started winging it, making a circle.  It got floppier and floppier, and began to resemble a ruffle.  Obviously my increase ratio was  more than a bit off.  I ripped some out, and tried again.  Much better.  And I have to say, although I do prefer knitting, this sort of trial and error in simple crochet is really quickly done.

Here’s the beginning of the blanket.  It’s a little girlier than I would normally make, but I think the bright blue saves it from being totally insipid.  I had all these bits of yarn in a plastic bin.  No labels at all.  As I was working with them, I realized the square was a bit like the rings of a tree, and I could date my stash acquisition.  Although some of these yarns are still being made, they are no longer at the Yarnery, and remind me of a time when they were.  Snatching the time to fool around with Skitch, which I recently downloaded, I annotated the photo.  I present to you the archeology of my crocheted baby blanket.

OK, it’s now a week after I started this post.  Strike out all the optimism  in the paragraph above. I ran out of the blue yarn, and then the white, and the blanket got uglier and uglier.  I figured I’d finish it and give it away.  Someone  might want it for putting down on the dirt under the baby’s good blanket.

I took it along to the Yarnery’s first ever knitting retreat.  (More on that later.)  During a color class, Theresa grabbed the blanket as a demonstration of what not to do with color.  This blanket should have had one of those Glamour magazine black spots pasted across it to protect its identity.  Someone suggested that pet shelters always want blankets, and this would be a good place for this one, as dogs are color blind.  (I was laughing, really.)  Finally, Theresa told me it was ok to stop making it and give the partly finished blanket and cotton stash to the “Iowa Church Ladies.”  Whew.  It went into the trunk of her car, and may I never see it again.

An interesting observation – did you know that a small tube of Bacitracin looks very much like a sample tube of Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste, especially when right next to each other in a medicine cabinet?  And that after you use the Bacitracin by mistake in the wee hours of the morning, then spit it out and follow it up with the Tom’s of Maine, that doesn’t really taste much better?  Thought you might like to know.



13 responses to “Crochet Adventures

  1. LOL – living to provide an example of what not to do! 😀

    EWWWW about the bacitracin…

  2. um, is that the same yarn as that crazy blanket you were working on at the retreat?

  3. oops, had a read a little more I would have seem that it was. hee her

  4. I am so proud of you that you could laugh as your blanket was displayed as What Not To Do With Color. The doggie blanket suggestion was a good one, btw 🙂

  5. Very funny , all of it. You KNOW you need to just embrace the granny square in full living breathing color that you’d select with the same love as you would for a knit blanket. (ha, the church ladie sin Iowa. Bles stheir hearts).
    I bet the Toms wouldn’t have felt good on a cut, either.

  6. LOL all around! And yes, the doggie blanket idea was a good one. Dogs don’t care. Now cats, cats will only use something you don’t want them to use, so unless you’re good at pretending it’s your very mostest favouritest blanket in the whole world, go for the doggie blanket.

    Can’t wait to hear about the retreat!

  7. Hmm, I was looking forward to seeing that blanket complete and glorious. Church ladies indeed!
    I have once or twice looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth and realized I was using my hub’s green toothbrush instead of my own blue…. Eeuw.

  8. I burst out laughing when reading about the Toms toothpaste thing. Thank you for the giggle…All of them.

  9. Hilarity! I would have given the blanket to the pet shelter, myself. I do wish you’d taken a Glamour “don’t” shot of the full project, though, before it went to the church ladies.

    I keep my toothpaste far away from the medications, for reasons of which you are now well aware. Yesterday, I nearly poured fruit juice on my cereal, so obviously confusion lurks everywhere in my household.

  10. travellersyarn

    I think that the blanket looks OK? I worry about my colour sense all the time. I’ve just ordered a heap of Kureyon which I am planning to combine with stash yarn to make a coloful mitred afghan ( Can I be trusted….

  11. Bwahahaha! OK, you made me laugh out loud. I’ll remember that about the bacitracin. And about the colors. I do wish that there were photographic evidence of the Blanket O’ Shame, because I find it so difficult to believe that you could make something trunk-worthy! But I’m glad you were able to let it go (away) 🙂

  12. I think that blanket looks fine as well…which probably explains why I like my stash cardigan.

    Thanks for the heads up on what not to pack near toothpaste! lol

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