Baby Pants Live

The solid cuff was the winner by far, online and in person.  (Sorry, Annie.  But you can make whichever you prefer!)  I was lucky enough to get a couple of live modeling shots, but Zorrito wasn’t really in the mood, so they are a bit blurry.

And the short rows on the back:

I think I’ll give directions for discontinuing the stripes when the short rows start as well as keeping the stripes going.  I like the little wedge on the back, but others might not.

Sarah is test knitting, then I hope to have the pattern up on the Wearwithall web site by the end of the month.

The summer swelter continues.  My sister and nephew from San Antonio were in town for a couple of days.  She thought it was plenty hot and humid, and those Texicans know what they are talking about.  JB is fishing obsessed, which seems like a good thing for a 12-year old.  He can do it by himself for hours.  No ipod,  no wheeled activities.  Here is the first time fishing in the Mississippi:

He didn’t catch much there, but in a nearby lake there was a perch for every cast.  He would throw them back and cast again.  I enjoyed the time with my sister, but the bug bites are still itching.  My sister and I were reminiscing about learning to spell Mississippi from one of those ‘follow the bouncing ball’ cartoons.  They were vintage for us, in the 60’s, but the idea of a bunch of adults in a movie theater singing to a cartoon threw JB into hysterical laughter.  Waiting on the levee, waitin for the Robert E. Lee, anyone?  I couldn’t find that, but here is Harvest Moon, so start the day with a song!

7 responses to “Baby Pants Live

  1. You know the humidity’s bad when a Texan thinks it’s humid! o.O

    I love that little wedge in the back of the baby pants. 🙂

  2. It’s not as hot here, the last couple days — I think the high today is supposed to be around 90. But during the high 90’s/low 100’s, every day I would give my co-workers the San Antonio weather report, which was almost always not as hot . Plus they got rain!!

    I’m with Chris – I love the little wedge on the baby bottom!

  3. I give in, I give in … they’re gorgeous 😀

  4. Oops, dog leant on the keyboard … I was going to add that the model is darling too.

    Like the idea of giving folk the option re. the stripes/short rows 😀

  5. Is that the Sarah that sometimes works @ The Yarnery and also works with my husband at the U-Fv, the one with a basset named Gib? If so, small world 🙂
    Digression: I used to have to go to Dallas every month or two for work. I found that if I said to ANYONE, “Sure is humid here,” they would instantly reply, “It’s not humid!” It WAS humid compared to Minnesota, but I finally figured out that people from Dallas only compare themselves and their city to Houston. Then it made sense.

  6. I also dig the wedge – I like the emphasis on the baby’s behind, especially once they start crawling…

  7. Thanks for the cartoon. It feels familiar.

    But wasn’t there a skipping song that spelled out m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i?

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