The Last Rose of Summer

I took this the other morning.

Although I must say when I hear the phrase ‘The Last Rose of Summer,’ I don’t think of plaintive Irish music, I think of my father and dirty diapers. Whenever the baby (any baby) was especially fragrant, he’d take a deep whiff and say “Ah, it smells like the Last Rose of Summer in here.”  Not terribly poetic, but there you are.  Speaking of babies, check out this one!

This is an older pattern of mine that badly needed new pictures.  Sunday was gorgeous and mild, and my little neighbor was even wearing the perfect color coat.  This is the Hugs and Kisses Hat.  I’m going to get a boy photo in another color before I put it up on Ravelry and the Yarnery shop.  For some reason, many knitters won’t look at a hat on a girl and say, “Oh, won’t that be cute in blue on little Adam/Noah/Carlos. ”   Nope, they sigh , flip the page, and say that all the cute stuff is  for girls.  I designed this to be subtle hugs and kisses, that you could sneak onto any kid, especially a boy kid,  and no one would be the wiser.   This could start me off on a rant about how women can wear men’s clothing and it’s fine, but if a man wears a shirt or sweater that belongs to a woman he is a cross dresser.  That’s a conversation for another time however.

4 responses to “The Last Rose of Summer

  1. Your Dad sounds nice. Cute hat. I so agree about baby clothes. You should probably list the hat pattern twice, under Girl’s Hat and Boy’s Hat with the different photos. Some men seem to think their sons will be damaged for life if they don’t wear suitably mannish outfits from the get-go. Children used to be put in dresses until they stopped wearing nappies – I have a photo of my uncle in a dress when he was about 18 months – and I don’t think it had any longterm effects 🙂

  2. I miss you, summer!

    Adorable hat. 🙂

  3. Ha! We JUST had that EXACT conversation in my gender class. It’s true in general – men’s job titles can apply to women, but not the other way around; and there are some fascinating studies that show that when you ask kids what it would be like to be the other gender, girls talk about what they’d “get to” do, and boys talk about what they’d “have to” do. Sigh…

    That said, it’s a wonderful hat, and perfectly suited to babies of all types.

  4. Now that is one cute child, in a rather snazzy hat!

    I couldn’t agree more about the boy/girls clothes thing. In fact I’ve taken to avoiding pink and blue for baby knits and have found that fawn or red samples seem to better attract people to knit kids things. Crazy really.

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