Done and Dusted

At last!  The crocheted afghan of massive avoirdupois is finished.  I’ve got to block it and mail it.  I hope it fits into a large flat rate box, or I’ll be spending a fortune to ship it.
I was accumulating a large pile of bits and pieces of yarn as I wove in ends and snipped them off.

This got me thinking about possible uses for them besides the trash, or maybe stuffing a knitted toy.  I certainly wasn’t movtivated to do anything creative with them.   Then we had dinner at a friends, and that all changed in one magic moment.

Our friend took out a dust mitt his grandmother made him.  He said he doesn’t use it, but he keeps it for a memento, because he really loved her.

I begged for an action photo:

I did a quick search on knitted dust mitt, and it didn’t take long.  If anyone seriously is interested, here you are, a free pattern.   Personally, my ends and pieces are in the trash.



5 responses to “Done and Dusted

  1. I’m so touched by your friend’s keeping the mitt as a memento of his grandmother. I might even make such a mitt myself, hoping it would encourage me to dust a bit more often. However, I usually give my thrums to the birds. Really – I toss them underneath the larger shrubs and bushes in the yards; the birds weave them into their nests for cozy insulation.

  2. What a great idea.

  3. Yay for finishing the afghan! Hope it fit in a flat-rate box…

  4. Well done on the Afghan completion! The dust mitt is a brilliant idea, but rather as they say life’s too short to stuff a mushroom …!

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