Annie’s Excellent Bind Off

There is always more to learn in knitting and in life, isn’t there?  Annie over at Knitsofacto reminded me of a bind-off that we discussed, but I never did try, although I bookmarked it last year.  Follow her step-by-step instructions, it is really quite simple.

I haven’t had time to make another cowl yet, but I was anxious to try it after Annie reminded me.  (I do love having virtual friends.) Here it is, looks good, no? (Except for the cell phone photo on dark day, of course. )

two bind offs

It’s a clever variation (with a twist…) on a purl-2-together bind-off that gives a through the back loops effect without having to torque your wrists. It keeps the edge snug but still fairly stretchy.  Other features and benefits — looks good on both sides, much easier than the sewn bind-off, and certainly easier to undo if necessary.

In the photo, the stitches to the right of the needle are Annie’s Bind Off, to the left, the sewn bind-off.  The only noticeable difference to me is the way the knit stitches are slightly more pronounced in Annie’s bind off.  It’s not a drawback, in fact I like it.  Both seem to be equally stretchy without drooping. Knitters choice.

Go visit Knitsofacto and try out this bind off.  I do think it would especially excellent for garter stitch.  Plus, if you have never been to Knitsofacto world, it’s a fun and friendly place to chat.  (Or natter, as Annie might say.)


3 responses to “Annie’s Excellent Bind Off

  1. That makes a very nice edge – thank you for the recommendation!

  2. I could have sworn I’d left a comment here!

    Many thanks for the glowing recommendation ML, for the bind off and the blog. Glad you liked the former 😀

  3. I will definitely try this bind off. It looks like a really good one. I love collecting new cast ons & bind offs.

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