March Went Out Like A Lion

Here we are – Easter Sunday. Lovely primroses over at Jane Brocket’s place. Here are mine:

Somehow my last post disappeared, leaving only the photo of my ipad doing the weather report, even after comments had been left.  Odd.  Bluestocking Knits pointed out that I could be grateful that I have more weather to wear hand-knits.  She is right, I suppose.   She lives in Southern California, where the season is short.  I have been wearing them.  My disappeared post showed the Cloche Hat.  I also finished Burr (Veronik Avery) at the end of February, and have worn it frequently.  I took it on a trip to DC about 3 weeks ago, thinking I might wear it outside as a light jacket. I wore it every day under my light jacket and still shivered.

IMG_1006 IMG_1007

I love the sweater. I decided this winter I would knit some sweaters from designers I admire, with yarn from stash.  The Thirteen Mile sport I used for Burr is wonderful yarn.  Soft, plant dyed and direct to you from Montana.  It is light but warm, a perfect weight to wear in place of jacket at the office.  I was introduced to this yarn when Gale Zucker asked me to design the Wolf Pack Hat in Shear Spirit.  I was also inspired to try and do Burr in the contiguous sleeve method that Susan Rainey used.  I have made several sweaters with the Barbara Walker method, and even taught a couple of classes on how to make your own.  Coincidentally, this one was on the dining room chair where I left it last night. Please don’t look at the rippled front band.  It is at least 12 years old, in Kureyon.


Not being the technical wiz and brainiac planner that Susan is, I got 3/4 of the way up the shoulders and realized that I had neglected to remove the seam stitches.  I had a four-stitch wide band up each armhole that looked ridiculous, even to me.

I ripped it out and did it the old fashioned way.  I don’t mind sewing set in sleeves.  I’ll have to do a post with my technique. It’s not elegant, but it works.

Any way, I love this sweater. There’s only a few mods I would make.  The shoulders are a bit big:

photo (4)

I made a combo of the large and medium, but added length to the body.  Details on Ravelry.


8 responses to “March Went Out Like A Lion

  1. Nice sweater. maybe it should be named Brrrrrr ? I love that 13 Mile Lamb & Wool yarn. I have a small amount here, left from a sweater, it reminds me I need to get more!

  2. Thanks for the fit tips on Burr. If the shoulders are even a little large then they will be massive on me.

  3. Wow – I love that sweater too. I need one for myself!

  4. I like your Burr – handsome indeed. Thanks for all the links, especially those to Thirteen Mile Yarns and the Bluestocking, both new to me and worth further exploration.

  5. Love your flowers!

  6. Burr turned out really well! (And I love the colors of that Kureyon sweater.)

    I want spring, dammit!

  7. I was going to suggest you call the sweater Brrrr, but I see Gale got there before me! Lovely yarn … one to add to my list of suppliers on the blog perhaps?

    The snow is finally melting here, hope it’s the same for you 😀

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