Arm Knitting?

Perhaps everyone else has seen this, but I ran across it by accident while watching  some links via Kmkat on You Tube.  

There are lots of other videos about it, too.  I have a friend whose daughter is highly enamoured of finger knitting, but Mom is stumped on what to do with the miles of product.  (Can’t just throw them away when no one is looking, I guess.) Maybe use it for arm knitting?  I haven’t tried it myself, I’m more of a 2.75mm needle girl, I am.

Still, I’m pondering projects for kids —  a giant ball of t-shirt loops and make a rug?


6 responses to “Arm Knitting?

  1. wow. Not my sport, but it’s pretty cool.

  2. Very nice! Talk about fast!

  3. Yes, another fine needle girl here … arm knitting, what will they think of next!!!

  4. Interesting, guess you can’t cast on that many stitches unless you have long arms! You would have to hope that you don’t get a knock at the door I. The middle of a row.

  5. Just had to pop on to admit that I actually did mostly throw out the miles and miles of finger knitting – I mean, what else to do with it? (Besides which, if I didn’t, the cat always ended up trying to eat it…)

  6. I have to admit that about halfway through the video, I couldn’t help wondering what happens if you see a spider or you knock over your tea in the middle of a row — your hands are tied together!

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