Whipup – In Memoriam

If you haven’t heard, or weren’t a follower of Whipup, its founder, Kathreen Rickertson  drowned in a tragic accident along with her partner, leaving two young children.


Here’s information.   I have have been a reader since about 2006, and even corresponded with Kathreen.  The family was on a year-long adventure around Australia, the journey of their dreams.  To turn out this way is so very very sad.

Kay and Ann over at Mason Dixon Knitting had the brilliant idea of celebrating Kathreen’s life by posting a link to a favorite Whipup post.  I often used Whipup as a resource for all those Christmas presents I’d make with my godkids.  One of the best was quilted placemats made with leftover fabric from earlier years of giftmaking.  We had so much fun talking about the failed and successful gifts we’d done with the material.  (Oh, the stupid lunch bag!  Dad’s seat cushion for hockey games!) They still use the runner and placemats all the time.


Kathreen’s gift to all of us lives on.

There is a fund to help their children. Details are here.  I leave you with her manifesto:


Whip up is for experimentation, innovation, self expression and the sharing of information and ideas.

Whip up is against mass produced small plastic crappy stuff designed specifically to extract money from wallets, last less than 10 minutes and spend eternity in landfill.

Whipup is about taking time out of your hectic schedule to make. To make something by hand. And by making something by hand instead of buying it, you achieve personal satisfaction, then by teaching yourself and others new skills you will enjoy life more fully.

Whipup values time over money, values skills over things, and is for creating a space in a hectic life for making.

Whip up is all for the handcraft movement.

Some people say Whip up should be against frilled toilet roll holders, but I say if they are made with love then why the hell not eh!

Whip up is against such polarised views as for and against stuff.

3 responses to “Whipup – In Memoriam

  1. Whip Up was wonderful, and I am so glad that it is intended to try and keep it going as a memorial to Kathreen and all that she achieved and all the good she did 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard of it but it does look like a pretty fabulous blog. That is so awful, my heart goes out to their family and friends.

  3. I actually hadn’t followed the blog, but thank you for pointing me towards it. How sad!

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