Knitting with Cotton

One thing about the rain, it does help the garden green up.  Raindrops on Lady’s Mantle is one of my favorite spring sights, especially before the frothy little flowers come out.


The pink are petals dropping from the Prairie Fire Crab Apple.  The cool, wet weather has helped the blossoms last and on dark days the pink just glows.

In preparation for summer, I am making a summer sweater.  I have convinced myself that if I finish it, it may warm up enough to stop wearing wool socks and sweaters.


I am using Classic Elite Allegoro (linen cotton blend) to make the woman’s sweater from Wearwithall. I don’t think cotton or linen does well with ribbing, so I’m making the hemmed version.

The color is called Larkspur – it is a little more blue purple than the photo.

I have been working with cotton blends almost exclusively for the past month, and my body is starting to complain.  Do you find that working with cotton or linen is harder on your hands than working with wool?  Aside from the lack of give, or elasticity, I think I pull a bit more to get even stitches, and that little bit each stitch seems to be adding up.  My forearm is tight and my elbow a bit tender.

I have been giving the arm a break, doing a lot of reading on the rainy weekends, and  long, chilly, holiday weekend.  I finished three library books:  Night Circus, Gone Girl, and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  Three quite different books, but I enjoyed each one. They were perfect summer reading. ( In the Night Circus, there is knitting of red scarves, i’s own red scarf project.)

Do you find cotton or linen hard on your hands?  Are you reading instead of knitting?  Or reading while you knit?  That is the aspect of the Kindle I enjoy the most.  I can prop it up and knit while I read.  As long as it is simple knitting, of course.


9 responses to “Knitting with Cotton

  1. I like what I can see of the sweater!

    Oh yeah, cotton beats up my arms/elbows/shoulders something fierce. 😦

  2. I really do not care for knitting with cotton. Blends are better – although really, I like wool. If I have to pick tho, Classic Linen is a very nice one – a bit stiff at the beginning, but gorgeous after finishing. I like Rowan’s cotton/wool blend but again… uh.. wool in it.

    • I have swatched and started Blumchen in your fabulous Nimue. It feels like heaven on my hands, but I MUST finish the cardigan. Almost there.

  3. Cotton, linen and hemp are certainly tough on my hands and will make them sore even if the yarn is a smooth one. Something about the unyielding nature of those fibres.

    • Although I don’t wish others ill, I am happy to hear that I am not alone in this. I have a wool project I’m swatching and can hardly wait. It feels like heaven!

  4. I can knit cotton for a few days, but eventually it wears a groove in the finger that tensions the yarn. Weird.
    I have read those three books, too! Well, kind of — I got halfway through the audio of Night Circus and lost interest (it’s my book for book club in November, so I will have to read all of it eventually), read all of Gone Girl a few weeks ago, and read maybe 30 pages of Major Pettigrew before losing interest. You are right, though, three VERY different books.

    • I went for three best sellers. I think Night Circus would be tough for me on audio. The author is a painter as well, and the descriptive images of the circus design took up half the book. Interesting, but I wouldn’t put it on my list of all time faves. Same for Major P. sweet, but very light. I like Gone Girl best.

      Now I am onto Dying in the Wool – fun set in the 20’s mystery. Light, but well written.

  5. I wish I liked knitting with linen, because I like wearing linen a lot (and cotton, but especially linen) . But if it is not fiber off an animal, I just don’t enjoy it.Must be a tribal memory kind of thing (what tribe I do not know..but still, it runs that deep).

    • I know – I love linen. I went with the cotton linen blend for this because it was a lot less expensive, also, the shop didn’t have enough of the color I wanted in the 100% linen. It’s almost done, then I’m going wooly!

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