Photographing Your Fiber

And not the dietary kind.  I’ve mentioned Gale Zucker’s mad skillz at teaching, and now you don’t have to travel or be available on a certain date.  Gale is doing a webinar for Interweave.  This is a not the dry, messed up connection webinar of your working days.  (I dread them, thank god for knitting.) This is a perfect venue for Gale’s slides and discussions and Q and A.  I’ve subscribed, even though I have taken her class twice, because now I can have it and the notes for reference.  Plus, it is on sale! Go sign up.  (Please don’t take my photos as evidence, unless you’ve seen before Gale and after Gale.)  Gale did the photography for Wearwithall, and even people who are ‘meh’ about the book say it is beautiful.  These are two of my favorites that didn’t make the cut.

Wear With All Wear With All

3 responses to “Photographing Your Fiber

  1. That last shot is gorgeous! I wish I had time to take the course just now. I’ll have to come back to it when life’s a bit less frenetic. Thanks for the heads up Mary Lou 🙂

  2. Thanks ML!! I hate to correct anything in this close-to-perfect post but the top photo did make the cut-. It is on the cover, upper left . But that might have been due to some last-minute lobbying on my part.
    I hope you enjoy the webcast version- I crammed a lot of material in there- and even some new ideas for you repeat offender types. I hope you’ll let me know what you think afterwards.

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