Visual Organizer or ….

I don’t really enjoy putting things away.  Except the sweater in progress I just put away based on all your good advice.  Thanks for supporting my inclinations.

If I put something I need to work on away, it is out of sight, out of mind.  I have folders and papers all over my desk and my file drawers are half empty.  My husband put some of my library books in the bookcase.  Are you nuts?  How will I know I have to return them if they are in the bookcase?  Sheesh.

I just figured it was a personal weirdness, something problematic from my childhood.  (Why did my mother tell me so often that we did not have maid service?  Was that damaging to my little psyche?) I mentioned this proclivity to a colleague recently and she just looked a bit surprised.  “No, you are a visual organizer.”  She explained it a bit and I thought.  “Oh, cool.  I’m a visual organizer.”  Isn’t it funny how naming something can clarify it?  Or perhaps it is just the sense that if my way of thinking, seeing, behaving has a name, then I cannot be alone in thinking that way.

On the other hand, it may just be a way of justifying my laziness about putting things away.  I’m sure there is a name for that, too, and I am sure I heard it used by my parents many, many times.

Knitting needles are one of the things I don’t put away all the time.  I have cases, and systems but systems only work if you use them.  My circulars (except the interchangeables) have a number of places to live, but this is the default, once I’ve gathered them from the bottom of my knitting bag:


I have all their little packages somewhere.

My double pointed needles live a couple of pencil cases, like this one:


Most often, though, they end up all together in my Jennie the Potter mug that I cracked and now it won’t hold liquids.

I like to try and organize things from a big picture, it is the daily putting away I don’t enjoy.  Or is it that I am too anxious to move onto the next thing?  I read somewhere that if the task you are avoiding would take less than five minutes, do it.  I try to remind myself of that.  Hanging up my clothes? Putting away needles?  Putting away leftover yarn from most recent sock project? Definitely less than five minutes.  Clearly not a foolproof method for me yet.

So one night not long ago I was tagging along on a trip to the big hardware store.  The person who makes the signs must resent the intrusion of all the early Christmas paraphernalia as much as the rest of us.


While waiting for the proper bolts to be identified and purchased, I spotted a clearance bin of little items and found this companion to my knitting bag:

bucket mug

I did label the little outside pockets with my handy dandy Sharpie. It remains to be seen if I will, in fact put the needles away where they belong.  To me, in the general vicinity is usually good enough.  Jennie the Potter now holds some in packages and my crochet hooks.


I will try not to commingle.  What about you?  Do you have needle system that works?

Speaking of double pointed needles, I’ve tried some new ones that I really like. Knitters Pride Karbonz.  They are carbon fiber with a nickel plated brass tip.  I tried the Blackthorns  because I like to support knitting entrepreneurs, but they didn’t didn’t suit me. They found a happy home with someone who likes the skritch, skritch noise they make.

Here are the new needles in a sock I’ve been working on with some yarn I picked up at KiwiKnitting Company on a work trip to Tucson.  I thought the colors were vaguely southwestern.


I like to buy something when I visit yarn shops, and sock yarn can always find a home.  It was Yarncrawl  MONTH in Arizona. We have a weekend here in the Twin Cities, but the shops there are so spread out that folks make a month of fun shopping for yarn.

My NashIsland Light arrived while I was in Tucson, I’m swatching away with great pleasure.


11 responses to “Visual Organizer or ….

  1. You are awesome.

  2. LMAO! I have a VERY similar picture from Menard’s for linkity this week. 😀

    My cats would enjoy your needle organizing system muchly. And then you would need to buy new needles…

  3. I use interchangeables only, and keep them in clear pencil cases. I keep the cases together with metal loops and the whole lot goes with me everywhere. I also have a clear makeup case with little scissors, stitch markers, measuring tape, breath mints, tampons, and band-aids. Bring it on.

    • I was looking at the package of interchangeables on the floor by my desk, and wondering if I could head in that direction. I have a little leather zipper case with the items you mentioned, minus the tampons. (lets hear it for crone-dome!) Maybe I should try the interchangeable route and see if it works. What a yard sale those circs would make.

  4. Thanks for giving my organizational style a name. Proud to be a visual organizer!

  5. I love the Karbonz as well. I use the fixed circulars. My version of visual organisation doesn’t involve so much organisation….

  6. Ah, that’s what I’m doing in my studio … visual organising! Actually I need to get in there and sort it properly, I keep putting things down because I don’t have time to put them away (daft logic there) and now the room is a tip.

  7. I have a Karbonz circ that I love, too. US#0, so sharp it could be lethal.

  8. I’ve been interested in those Blackthorns ever since somebody said that they sounded like graphite pencils as she knitted …
    My “system” is a drawer. That’s pretty much it, really. Maybe I’ll label it “VISUAL ORGANIZATION”.

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